WELCOME SPRING with outdoor riding

Outdoor Riding


The sound of the wind, fresh air, and drum of the hooves on the ground, what can be better.

In Sweden we are so privileged to be surrounded by perfect nature especially for horseback riding.

Regardless of the season and especially during Spring, remember that the weather can change quickly, from warm and sunny, to rain showers and wind!

So choose your route and of course your riding outfit carefully.

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So stay warm and ride out! A lot!

New look, remaining functionality

Our rain/wind skirt in trench style. Perfect match to all 365 and Trench Families from Uhip. If you never tried it before, from now on you´re going to wonder how you ever got through without it. Uhip’s rain/wind skirt will keep you dry and warm when you’re in the saddle. With a zipper in front and rare, light fabric with high rain resistant protection and sealed seams it will completely protect you from the weather elements.  No matter if its daily ride, stable work or competition. Prepare yourself for the perfect ride, don’t worry about the weather!

Uhip layering for the weather

Uhip Formula is


Base Layer - Our Merino Wool Base Layer will keep you warm and dry underneath the rest of your clothes, it absorbs sweat and excess heat while giving a cool effect under warm conditions. Can be used in summer with its high UV protection, up to UV40+.

Inner Layer- We offer wide choice of inner layers, starting from our 365 collection that includes the Hybrid Jacket, Midlayer Vest- and Jacket. It can be combined based on the season, with good thermal options and the right amount of insulation. All our collections are designed with a freedom of movements in mind, so equally good for riding as well as many other outdoor activities.

Outer Layer- This Spring we present the new Trench Family that can be combined with any of our 365 Midlayers. Depending on the activity and weather conditions you can choose between full- or midlength- riding Trench Coat or a combination of a Trench Jacket and a matching skirt in trench style. For full coverage and protection from wind and rain.

Stay warm, stay dry, have fun and wear Uhip!


Stay tuned