Rain resistance and breathability, can you have both?

Trench riding coat in rain
Trench riding coat in rain


Rain resistance and breathability, can you have both?

Yes, you can, and you should!

Our Trench line is absolute must-have during Spring and Summer season.

We carefully chose our fabric based on performance and quality.

That is why we made it of 100% nylon with light stretch and high water resistance level.

High level of 7000 WP meaning that you stay dry under even hard rain and breathable function prevent moisture from coming in, while allowing it to escape out.


Merino wool - perfect base layer


Choose the right base layer

Remember that during a high level of activity, it's important to choose the right base layer.

Merino wool or technical fast drying material tops are the best choices.

(Cotton base layer is big NO)

You can choose a model according to your activity and design preference: Long Trench coat, Mid Lenght Trench coat or Trench jacket and skirt.

Check out Week Favorites and learn more about our smart collection!

Forest ride

Do you believe in outdoor training as much as we do?


We truly do. Not only its help to your horse stay happy and more motivated, as changing activities brings "interest" into everyday training, but forest ride can help you develop better muscles, balance and improve the health of your horse too!

Up and down hills, unpredictable sounds around, different terrain and fresh air  - all that will make you be a better rider and your horse be more trustful and calm in any situation (think about competition in the new outdoor arena and lots of noise??! )

So what should you consider before entering wildlife training?
First of all, take a map and find out where is proper and safe trails to ride. In Sweden we are very spoiled with amazing outdoor riding. And honestly evaluate your riding skills and your horse ability.

However, take it slow, and if you are insecure, and to have more fun, get a friend with a calm horse and explore together.

Take a long stroll in the walk, let horse look around and get used to sounds and new scenery, and enjoy spending time in the saddle!

Uhip blog

Last, but not least your safeness.
We sure we don't need to remind you about the helmet, right?!

But also consider have a phone in a secure pocket, light or brighter color clothes in case of emergency to ease up of search for you, and make sure that all part of your clothes is secure and will not stack on close by trees or saddle.

That is why our collection is perfect for outdoor riding!

Here are suggestions for a perfect Spring outdoor ride for every weather
All our outdoor clothes have a secure pocket for your phone, easily unattached hood, and coats and skirts have easily attached straps around your thighs for a comfortable and safe ride.


PS: Raining is promised for this weekend, check our Trench line to stay dry during your outdoor riding https://uhipwear.com/trench.


To be continued: Outdoor training tips.

Stretching or warming up?

Importance of your physical condition is one of the main things to improve your riding skills. After all, horseback riding is a sport and Equestrian is an athlete, with the same demands as at any other sports.

So on your way to being a better rider what come the first stretching or warming up?

During a horseback riding, we can all go from zero to hero and push hard, but the safe way to train is to bring the body’s temperature up slowly and loosen up the muscles before we get to do anything serious.

That’s what warm-ups are designed to do.


Stretching, on the other hand, is done to improve overall flexibility. Once muscles have worked, they are at their most compliant state, and they let us stretch further than we usually would gaining more ground while we are at it.

Give your self a few minutes to warm up before jumping into the saddle, that will help you move more freely with the horse, lessen the possibility of injury and lower the odds of being sore afterward.

And after all we not so different from our horses, the same riding school scheme working just fine: walk, breath, trot, canter, trot, walk, long reins and stretch 🙂

And our training line allowed you to perform and feel comfortable prior, during, and after riding.


PS. Short on time? Just warm up. On days when you don’t have time for a 20- to 30-minute warm-up and a practice session, don’t short the warm-up. Instead, use it as your saddle time for that day. You’ll keep your horse tuned up and avoid the risk of injury—so you can ride again tomorrow.

Find out more information about out Technical tops, Light compression riding tights and Iontex Hybrid jacket.

Less tired legs, better communication with your horse!

Uhip Iontex jacket, riding tights and riding socks

We have all been there with rubbing socks, extensive sweating, hard taking off or putting on riding boots and swollen ankles and feet after a long ride?

So with our compression riding socks, you can minimize or dismiss all these problems, and your legs will look and feel much better.


Support & blood circulation

Compression socks made by thin, but supers elastic fabric to fit your leg like a second skin, and with right amount compression, it will give your legs extra support and ensure blood circulation.

Coolmax effect and padded zones will keep your feet dry and comfortable so you can concentrate on communication with your horse.


Enjoy and keep your heels down

Buy yourself a pair of our new Coolmax Compression riding socks  in navy or black and you don't need to think of nothing else than keep those heels down and enjoy your ride!

Under the helmet on Emmi

Emmi Nikunen

"Whatever you wanna do with Icelandic horse, they will help you to make it happen."

Thank you for sharing Emmi.

My story why I ended up with Icelandic horses.

I have started in "normal" horse riding school where I stayed for sometime. After a while we found this Icelandic horse stable where we went for summer camp with my sister. It was fun and we went there almost every year for almost five years in a row. Somewhere between those summers we got asked to ride this old Icelandic horse. That is when my love for Icelandic horses really started. Her (the horses) owner's taught me how to ride different gaits and till this day, she is the one who has taught and maybe will teach me the most. Besides riding she has taught me how to always have fun, whatever you do.


"Build trust and connection between you and the Icelandic horse you are riding and he would carry you to the moon and back"


Icelandic horses aren't just for hacking as many people think. You can do lots of different things with them. They are easy and willing to learn. Build trust and connection between you and the Icelandic horse you are riding and he/she would carry you to the moon and back (which they also kind of will). When I rode in riding school I had my moments and the lessons were nice but with Icelandic horses I was able to laugh with them, I became proud of that I am a horse rider. I became able to enjoy every single moment with them. And that is how it should be, right?

With Icelandic horse, you can do whatever you come up with. If you feel like riding dressage or jumping over some poles, you can do it (just remember to keep your horse educated for it!). On those bad days when you don't feel like riding at all you can go for easy ride or just sit with them and trust me, the horse will you make you feel easier again. They will make you forget your worries for a while or they can share your worry. Those days when you think you just want to take long gallop, you don't have to ask them twice.

Whatever you wanna do with Icelandic horse, they will help you to make it happen.



Emmi Nikunen

PS thank you as well Eliisa Mönkäre and Erja Tuunainen

We love to be challenged

The Uhip brand is from Sweden where the weather is unpredictable, changing and sometimes challenging. We love to be challenged and create and design solutions for every weather in any season.

Our Spring collection includes all the layers you need to enjoy your outdoor ride and a day in the stable. Uhip have solutions no matter what the weather is like.

Base layer

Start with a base layer in Merino Wool that keep you warm or cool you down in any weather. The Merino Wool even gives protection from the sun and keep fresh and comfortable all day around.

So look good, stay warm and keep riding!

Stay tuned