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Archive for May 2019

Rain resistance and breathability, can you have both?

Trench riding coat in rain   Rain resistance and breathability, can you have both? Yes, you can, and you should! Our Trench line is absolute must-have during Spring and Summer season. We carefully chose our fabric based on performance and quality. That is why we made it of 100% nylon with light stretch and high…

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Uhip blogg

Forest ride

Help your horse to stay happy and more motivated, changing activities brings “interest” into everyday training. Forest ride can help you develop better muscles, balance and improve the health of your horse too!

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Less tired legs, better communication with your horse!

We have all been there with rubbing socks, extensive sweating, hard taking off or putting on riding boots and swollen ankles and feet after a long ride? So with our compression riding socks, you can minimize or dismiss all these problems, and your legs will look and feel much better.   Support & blood circulation…

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Emmi Nikunen Uhip

Under the helmet on Emmi

I have started in “normal” horse riding school where I stayed for sometime. After a while we found this Icelandic horse stable where we went for summer camp with my sister.

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We love to be challenged

The Uhip brand is from Sweden where the weather is unpredictable, changing and sometimes challenging. We love to be challenged and create and design solutions for every weather in any season.

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