Welcome the April weather in a trench!

Would you like to welcome spring with a ride but unsure about the weather? The weather in April never seems to stop challenging us. Make sure to dress dry and warmly in our trench family and we can promise you've made a good choice.


Style meets functionality

Uhip's rain- and wind resistant trench family is designed to keep you dry and comfortable in the saddle. The design has a classic yet sporty style thanks to its functional details.


The garments are made in a durable but light and stretchy polyester fabric that gives you freedom of movement. With TPU film on the backside providing wp 7000 mm the trench family gives very good protection from the rain.


Do you know about Uhip's smart features?

Push buttons in the back
Push buttons in the back
Adjustable waist
Adjustable waist
Wrist warmer and prolonged cuffs
Wrist warmer and prolonged cuffs

The trench coats, jacket and skirt are provided with a two-way zipper in the front and push buttons in the back that enables you to wear it in the saddle. By opening up your coat or skirt from below and let it fall down over your thighs, bum and the back of the saddle, you're able to sit comfortably while riding. To make sure the garment stays in place you easily attach it around your legs with the elastic leg straps placed on the inside of the trench. Additionally, the trench family is designed with an adjustable waist. 

The jacket and the coats have two soft and stretchy wrist warmers made with a hole for your thumb that protects and warms your hands, while they make the arms stay in place. They are also provided with prolonged cuffs to cover your hands or riding gloves from getting dirty. All the pieces in the trench family is produced with rubber-coated buttons, reflected details, many pockets and extra ventilation for increased breathability.

More smart features

  • Detachable hood, attached with snap buttons and velcro
  • High collar with fleece inside
  • Cheek-protection at front zip
  • Two hand pockets with water-resistant zippers
  • Two hand pockets with snap button closure
  • Two chest pocket and one sleeve pocket water-resistant zippers
  • A back slot with gusset hidden behind a buttoned placket.
  • Fully seam-sealed
Adjustable and detachable hood
Adjustable and detachable hood
Pockets with water resistant zippers
Pockets with water resistant zippers

Which Uhip system is the right one for me?

Jacket and Skirt

The matching jacket and skirt comes in our classical colours jet black and mood indigo blue. We call this combo the ''Two piece system'' which means you'll keep dry and warm with the help of two garments. By choosing a jacket and skirt you'll be given the flexibility to wear it in different ways. 

The jacket matches the skirt and together they give the feeling of a long coat where one piece can be taken off when you'd like.

Uhip's Trench Jacket and Skirt
Uhip's Trench Jacket and Skirt

The mid lenght coat or the longer coat

What we call the ''One piece system'' fits you who prefer to wear only one garment. Uhip's trench coats are easy to put on and will protect you from rain, wind and dirt. 

Whether you should pick the shorter och longer coat is just a matter of taste. Some of our customers are experiencing that the mid length coat gives better freedom of movement, while others want their coat to cover their thighs properly, and therefore chooses the long coat.

Uhip's Mid Lenght Trench Coat
Uhip's Mid Lenght Trench Coat
Uhip's Long Trench Coat
Uhip's Long Trench Coat
Add warmth with Uhip's mid layer in wool
Add warmth with Uhip's mid layer in wool

In the need of something warmer?

Add a layer of wool! Uhip's Wool Hybrid Liners are custom made to fit as a warming mid layer to our trench family. The liner is easily attachable with the help of an extra zipper places on the inside of the trench. By adding an extra layer of warmth you are set to face the weather no matter what season it is.

Uhip loves wool, read more here https://uhipwear.com/about-uhip/about-our-materials/uhip-loves-wool/


About the sizes

The garments in the Trench family are normal in their sizes but do not choose a size that is too small if you would like to use an inner liner underneath. it’s also important for the functionality that you have a bit of air between your middle layer and outer layer. Choose the same size to your Wool Hybrid Liner.

At last...

We remind you to always read the care labels and instructions to make the love of Uhip as long as possible

Read about how to take care of your Uhip https://uhipwear.com/love-your-uhip/


Farrier – A Tough But Important Profession

Punctuality and accuracy is key for Johan Klang. He strives to maintain the best possible service. A professional practice pays off for a farrier.

- I usually stick to three or four complete shoeings during an average day. More than that, I know will be challenging for me. For example, if I get sick or want to take a vacation in the summer, it will be harder to make up for it. That's why I make sure to work with some margins, Johan says.

His profession is stressful and tough


Working as a farrier is tough, not to mention dangerous when coming in close contact with heavy horses of different sizes with high temperaments, several times a day. The accidents occur when they are least expected


- The accidents happen often with calm and kind horses. When dealing with young horses, who often are nervous, you are on your guard. But with the calm horses, you can sometimes slacken and relax a bit. I've done well though; I've had a few stitches done on a few of my fingers and once in the calf, but nothing serious, says Johan.

Horses has always been a part of Johan's life

Jacket Hybrid Iontex Edition and Stable Pants
Jacket Hybrid Iontex Edition and Stable Pants

Johan grew up with horses. He competed as a pony-rider up to 15-years-old. He has won a team gold and individual silver in the Nordic Championships and a fourth-place at the Swedish Championships. Johan then competed big horses for a period of time before taking a break for a few years. When serving the military as a riding police in Stockholm, he regained his interest in horses.

- I felt the urge to come back to a horse life. I bought two horses, one four-year-old and one seven-year-old. With the four-year-old, I rode the championships, and was in the final in Falsterbo when it was six-year-old.


When SAS announced in the mid-00s that they were closing down their business at the airport in Växjö, Johan thought about what the next step in his life would be. He realized he wanted to work in the equestrian industry, and shortly after that, he started the farrier school in Uppsala. Since then, the time has passed, and Johan can count for 15 years as a full-time farrier.

- There are many horses out there, and if you care for your job and show up in time, there will always be a lot of work opportunities for you.

Enjoys his profession as a farrier


What do you think about your job?

- I love it. Every horse is an individual, and I am there to give every horse the best possible conditions. I am privileged to work with something I both manage very well and love to do.


Working as a farrier is though, especially tough on your body. Do you have any tips for future farriers?

- I work out every morning, a short and simple routine that takes about five to ten minutes. I do exercises like leg bends, push-ups, and stretching to be warmed up when it's time for my first horse of the day. On cold days, I make sure to dress warm.

Johan works in Uhip's Stable Pants

The stretchy material gives freedom of movement
The stretchy material gives freedom of movement
The Stable Pants has large pockets with zippers
The Stable Pants has large pockets with zippers

When it comes to clothes, Uhip's idea of the new Functional Staple Pants is that they should be the obvious choice, both for those who live an active horse life, but also for farriers and veterinarians. Johan is amazed at how well the Stable Pants fits him.

- They fit really well. The first thing I noticed, is the freedom of movement and how soft they feel on my body. It almost feel like I don't have them on, compared to my traditional work pants.

Stay tuned