Team riders tips in tough times

Can´t wait to compete?
Uhip´s team riders are here to help.


Jens Fredricson, showjumper, equerry at Stromsholm and Flyinge

”I like riding in the woods. A good thing to do is to ride on a path, forming and flexing the neck with seat aids by riding slalom. When riding on a snaky path, try slalom. When the trail turns right, stamp a little in left stirrup, releasing the shoulder and vice versa. I practice this every day, and it´s an exercise that suits both in gallop and trot, with endless variations”.


Ebba Nilsson, dressage rider

”When riding out, take the opportunity to fitness train your horse. Usually, when you train dressage, you ride collected. Now, you have a chance to ride in a field or on a sand road, where you will be able to ride in a higher speed”.



Elsa Teverud, Icelandic horse rider

”During these corona days, I want to tip about enjoying time and take a step back. Just have fun. Go riding in forest and soil on a variated surfaces and distances go gain positiveness, keep the joy and get a sustainable and happy horse. So, dare to stay calm and enjoy your horse and the summer!”.




Melissa Fröhlich, showjumper, influencer

”Some say you don´t train properly when just riding out. Still, in my opinion, it´s elementary turning the riding into training. First, it´s good for the horse to try new surfaces and to ride in nature. Second, it´s good mentally because the horse loves doing it. Then, you can train at the same time. You can shorten or lengthen your gallop, and when you, for example, turns into a road, you can make flying changes. Having to trees in front of you, you can ride around them as an eight. You can try sitting trot and rising trot. There are lots of things you can du when you ride out”.

Melissa 2


Emelie Brolin, dressage rider

”Arrange a mini competition at home by making the horse real nice, put on the competition equipment, and then ride some parts of a dressage program. Doing so makes you more alert. Let a friend record your ride, and you´re one step closer to competition mode. For getting as close to competition as possible, ride your program in front of a referee, at home”.



Jennifer Bratt, showjumper

”Ride a lot, try different gallop ways in the forest, and your horse will be happy the paddock afterwards. Sometimes it´s a good idea to switch the surface, though it´s not suitable for the horse going on the same surface all the time. That said, you can use your extra-time walking slow on harder surfaces like asphalt or coarse sand”.



Andre Brandt, showjumper

”I would like to encourage you to gallop uphill in a long canter, making the horse push with its hind legs. It also makes the horse more fit. I think it’s handy for a showjumper working in different ways that just sit in the saddle, riding in the paddock. Also, riding in nature is a charming way of training”.

Andre 2

Mix, match and enjoy!

We're living in a time when competitions are in pause mode. Still, nature is open 365 days a year.

Please salute our beautiful Swedish landscape by riding in the woods among greenery that promises a soon arrival of the summer.

Uhip promotes exploration of our wild nature. Meeting a poetic sunrise? Feeling the heat of the sunrays at noon? Hearing the sound of hoofs, touching a sandy beach? Waiting for fairytale dawn, sitting in the saddle? Or just go for a lovely ride in the terrain together with friends and family?

In times of worry, the moments of joy in extra important.


Uhip is where design and style meet function and durability. Our clothes are made for you to mix, match, and enjoy every day, all year round. Whether you get hit by sun rays or raindrops during your ride, you can always be sure about one thing. Uhip got what you need, to not be forced to compromise between feeling well-dressed and feeling right dressed. Sudden weather changes are no match for those who mix layer by layer.

Dawns these days are both lovely and a bit sneaky. Don't get fooled by a postcard-beautiful nature while riding out in the early morning. To seize the day without getting cold, Uhip's 365 Jackets are the garments in charge: a light form-fitted function jacket for maximum freedom of movement. The volume of isolation material makes the jacket ideal for chilly spring mornings.

Read more about our 365 family


Uhip's v-necked Techichal Top with its excellent fit and soft fast-drying material is designed for course training as well as everyday riding in the woods. Our tops are available in both long and short sleeves, and you can read more about them here:


Wearing a Uhip Vest as a second mid-layer, you can take off the jacket or/and the Vest when the temperature rises or when your body energy increases after riding a while. Uhip's Vest is a perfect match to the 365 Jacket, it boosts the Technical Top and gives you smart flexibility if you like to get heated up or cooled down.


Making a ride complete, sitting comfortably in the saddle is a key. Uhip's riding tights have the look of riding pants, but still, it brings a feeling of soft and sweet tights. You can choose between three colors.

An alternative to the Riding Tights is the Staple Pant. The pants are specially designed for a full day in the stable, but they work just as well if you like to have a ride on your horse. The Stable Pant gives you a pleasant seat because there are no chafing seams. The Stable Pant is available in both women's and men's sizes. Here's the story of The Stable Pant:


Take care, appreciate spring, and don't forget to mix, match, and enjoy!


Lives of two vets

The track veterinarian: ”my duty is to be ready”

It´s action, high stakes, and exciting final spurts.

But in the middle of the high pace at the racecourse in Bro Park, there´s a whole battery of officials, ready to uphold the security and make sure the horses are safe.

Susanna Staaf is one of the track veterinarian and spokeswoman for the animals during race days.


Almost every day at the course is a good day. But even days that seem calm can suddenly change into the opposite.

Then, it's a real-life situation and quick decisions to be made by a veterinarian.

– My function is to make sure the racecourse is safe for the horses and also make sure the horses are in shape for racing. I watch them in a short pace and in trot to decide whether they're good to start or not. Gallop is a high-risk sport where anything can happen. A horse can scamper, horses might run into each other, and my function is to be ready when accidents occur, says Susanna Staaf.


Recently, in harness racing, a driver was fined and suspended after illegally whipping his horse. If anything similar should happen at the galloping course, are you the one making that kind of decision?

– It might be. There’s a lot of officials taking care of those things and I’m one of them. Scandals of that kind are very unusual, though. I have never seen a horse getting treated that bad. The rules are getting tougher and tougher, and shortly, I hope beating will be totally forbidden in gallop racing.


In Sweden, horse racing is nearly the only sport that allows competitions during the corona outbreak. What differences do you notice?

– Since April, every race is without attendance. Only a limited number of people are allowed in the arena and the facilities. There are new rules about prize ceremonies and lots of other moments around the race. Still, the principles of treating injured and ill horses remain the same. The main difference is the logistics. Just the fact that shaking hands is not allowed is a weird feeling.


Working at a galloping course means working at an open place with strong winds and harsh temperatures. Warm, flexible clothes are necessary for not having the day spoiled due to cold. As a ”Uhiper,” Susanna Staaf is a real veteran. Ever since Uhip was founded, she has worn our clothes.

– I love Uhip´s clothes! Standing on the course is often freezingly cold, and going from the comfortable indoor climate to the cold outside, you have to dress right. Then, it doesn't hurt that Uhip´s clothes are not only warm but beautiful as well. Actually, one of my Uhip coats is for parties and fine dining only, says Susanna Staaf.


Except that the clothes keep you warm, what other advantages do you see?

– Uhip designs smart clothes overall, especially for me as a veterinarian. Most of the garments come with lots of pockets, which is perfect for me, who wants to keep things in different places. I like the thumb-grip that holds the sleeve in place and the long sleeves with hand-warmers you can fell down. They´re very comfortable.

Any favorite Uhip garment?

– Being a leisure horse rider myself, I have to say the skirts. I love them! They´re outstanding because you no longer have to get your legs cold. We have been freezing our whole lives, but now, thanks to Uhip, we don't have to freeze anymore.



She tells us that she almost grew up in the backseat of her father’s car. Thanks to her father Hans Berhandsson, she got an insight into the veterinary profession and early started dreaming about a future job as a veterinarian. Today Isabelle Fredricson carries a huge responsibility for a hundred horses at the national equestrian center in Flyinge.

– I have a big interest in medicine, and I love horses. It feels amazing to be able to combine my profession as a veterinarian with my passion for horses. I am very thankful for this opportunity. Working as a veterinarian is lovely, Isabelle Fredricson says.


The restrictions we live within today’s society due to the coronavirus means that Isabelle has to make both small and big changes in her life. Usually, she and husband Jens Fredricson, equerry of Flyinge, combine their work at Flyinge with competing in showjumping during weekends. But even though competing isn’t allowed at the moment, life is almost the same for the Fredricson family.

– For me, as a vet, nothing has really changed since we still run our school at Flyinge. The theoretical parts are being held on distance, digitally, but we’re teaching the practical parts almost in the same way as before. I work as much as usual, maybe more. My job is to keep every horse in shape, and these days, when either Jens or I can compete, I get more time working prophylactic with the horses.

What are the most rewarding thing with your job?

– To get a chance to set-up a whole package of management together with coaches, farriers, and the stable manager. Preventing injuries is my real passion, but get a broader base of knowledge and expertise, I have learned chiropractic during international studies and also, learned about the horse's mouth cavity. Because I’m an equestrian myself I can take advantage of my knowledge of training and competing and get a better understanding of how to ride your horse to maintain it’s health.

Isabelle Fredricson

Isabelle Fredricson is one of av Uhip's team riders. Usually, her working days are long and include both horse riding and horse care at Flyinge, she thinks it’s important to wear functional clothes with smart features. Uhip provides all that, according to Isabelle.

– Uhip's Functional Stable Pants is a typical veterinarian pant. They fit nicely and are made in a stretchy material that allows you to bend down without feeling uncomfortable. You can easily put a scissor in the pocket if you need to. I also like the vests, matching the pants with a vest is perfect when you need to dress properly.

The jacket/skit-combo gets the highest rating.

– A marvellous thing about Uhip's clothes is that you never have to freeze in them. I love coats and skirts; they are both stylish and customized for riders, but can also we worn on other occasions. The skirt is more feminine compared to big thermal pants if I can say so (laughter)

Isabelle also appreciates Uhip's new Trench collection.

– Growing up with an interest in fashion, I've always loved trench coats. I'm pretty tall myself, and therefore the long trench coats suit me well.

Jens Fredricson stands out

The visionary. Developer. Equerry. Top rider. Peder Fredricson’s big brother. Uhip went to Löberöd in the southern part of Sweden to ask our new team rider Jens Fredricson some questions. He gave us an inspiring lecture in response.

It’s safe to say that life is very busy for the Fredricson family. Jens combines his profession as an equerry at Flyinge and Strömsholm (two of the biggest horse centres in Sweden) with his own competing. His wife, Isabelle is a veterinarian at Flyinge and has a solid horse background as a high-level showjumper. Together they have their kids Filippa and George.

Isabelle and Jens Fredricson
Isabelle and Jens Fredricson

- We run our own horse business and our professions at Flyinge and Strömsholm, half and half. When we don’t have any competitions, we work five to seven days a week at Flyinge. But if we had to go away Thursday to Monday for competing, it’d be fine. I believe it’s better to charge for 50 hours and work 100 hours. There is a freedom in doing it that way, Jens says.


His tactic - to stand out

He’s very passionate about Swedish equestrian sports. If it is true what they say, that there are two kinds of leadership – managing and developing – Jens definitely belongs to the one driven by development and listens to the future. With his experience and knowledge, he tries to quality safe the business at Flyinge and Strömsholm. It’s in Jens Fredricson’s DNA to be brave enough to stand out. To make demands and set high goals is obvious to quality safe Swedish equestrian sport and move it in the right direction.


- I’m interested in developing Swedish equestrian sports. If we don’t educate good trainers, young horse trainers and riders we’re going to have autodidactic educators with a poor view on horses, horse care and short-term solutions controlled by the economy. There have to be some requirements on horse-welfare and to see to the horse best interests, he says.

The 30-year old who couldn’t ride

Let us go back in time, 23 years ago to be exact.. We found Jens Fredricson, a 30-year old man who already back then was a skilled equestrian who had completed both the European Championship’s and the World Cup finals. But there is something that is not quite right, Jens discovers something dramatic.

I realised I couldn’t ride. I saw others in the industry and discovered there was something wrong with my horses. They didn’t have enough muscles and carried themselves as other horses. I had ridden for trainers all over the world but no one took hold of it. I couldn’t either answer any questions about riding, I just did it, Jens Fredricson tells us.
He meets major Anders Lindgren for the first time, a legend within the equestrian sports, a 75-year old wheelchair-carrying man who recently got home from the U.S. They meet up and Jens rides three horses for him while Lindgren studies him critically.

I asked him what he thought. Anders answered: ‘’Well Jens, this is bad. I don’t even know where to begin’’. He was the first one to see the basics in my riding and that they weren't right. I had some talent, braveness and good horsemanship, but I was lacking in the art of riding.

Jens Fredricson in Uhip 2nd Layer Hybrid Jacket
Jens Fredricson in Uhip 2nd Layer Hybrid Jacket

Since then, both of the Fredricson’s brothers has studied the art of riding to develop their horse riding. Jens proudly shows the literary work ‘’Hästlära’’, written in 1836. Peder Fredricson, mostly famous for being Jens talented little brother has further widened his knowledge within other areas. That is what has been taking him to the world ranking.

- Peder knows just as much within the art of riding as I do, but he has unlike me learned a lot about management and target focusing. He was the first one to walk the paddock at show jumping competitions with a pen and paper. People used to laugh at him for doing that, but not anymore. Today, half of the showjumping elite take notes, Peder was the pioneer.

Isabelle and Jens Fredricson in Uhip stable pants
Isabelle and Jens Fredricson in Uhip stable pants

Compared to Peder, you have chosen to partly do high-level competing and partly be trainer and developer. How do you handle it?

Good question. When I’ve had a really good horse, I’ve asked sponsors and horse owners if we could make an investment. I went off duty from Strömsholm before the Olympics 2012 and did eight months only focusing on the sport. It went well; I won some Grand Prix and took a place in the Olympic-team.


Would you be interested in getting back to ride against the best riders?

I would. I’m not interested in getting into the world ranking but I want to ride five-star competitions and championships. I got an amazing horse right now, we won the two first GP-competitions this year and the confidence is good. But since the Coronavirus came, it has all been on hold.

Isabelle Fredricson
Isabelle Fredricson
Jens Fredricson
Jens Fredricson

Sun, wind and water

Swedish people love talking about the weather. The four different seasons offer a wide range of temperatures, rain, snow, sunny days, colours of nature and surroundings and, maybe the biggest difference of them all, hours of daylight.

If you haven't been living in Sweden or maybe another country in the north. you have probably not heard about "spring feelings". To try making you understand; imagine living in cold temperatures with only a few hours (or none in the very, very north part of Sweden) of daylight for about four months. The trees have lost their green leaves months ago and fauna is sleeping.

Then, step by step, nature is awakening, the trees, grass and flowers turn into their beautiful colours and the birds are singing again. The temperatures are going up and there isn't a cloud in the sky. Imagine the feeling when you are madly in love. That's how "the spring feelings" are.

Suddenly, the winds almost blow you away, the temperature decreases, the sky turns grey and you can tell there is rain coming any second. The sky is open up and the rain is pouring down. A couple of hours later the sun is shining and the temperatures rise. That's how the spring weather is in Sweden, which is one of the many reasons you should dress by the layering technique.

The art of layering

Trench, 365

When you step outdoors, the ancient art of layering becomes your smart-technology thermostat. This tried-and-true strategy lets you regulate comfort by slipping layers on and off as your activity level or the weather changes.

What’s the secret to staying warm and comfortable when active outside? Layers. Layering your outdoor clothing adds comfort by protecting your body from wind, water and moisture, and helps to regulate your temperature during activity.

There are three basic components to your layering system: base, mid and outer layers.

Uhip's clothing is made for layering up with matching colours and smart elegant design with smart special features.

Layering up with Uhip


First layer

This is the layer in direct contact with your skin. Its main purpose is to transport or “wick” moisture off your skin and move it toward the surface of the fabric where it can evaporate. The base layer should be seamless or flat-seamed garments that won’t rub against your skin when combined with outer layers.

Guess what!? Uhip has merino base layers in different colours. The wool regulates your body temperature the same way as it does on the sheep. As the body temperature rises the wool has the amazing ability to transfer heat and moisture along with every fibre and release it into the cooler, drier environment, and when it is cold it keeps the heat in.

In addition, wool is an entirely natural fibre and has antibacterial properties that make it almost odour free.

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Second layer

This layer adds insulation, traps body heat to keep you warm, and continues moving moisture outward.

Our riding jackets and riding vests in the 365 hybrid family are available in women's, men's and children's sizes are an excellent choice of a thinner mid layer. The "hybrids" have a close fit, offer freedom of movement and are manufactured with the market's most breathable insulation from Clo®  A perfect mid layer for activity.


If you need a warmer mid layer, the 365 family is there for you. We have jackets and vests in women's and children's sizes that are designed to be used during all 365 days of the year. We have chosen insulation from Sorona®  that heats in all kinds of climates and is an excellent choice as a mid layer.

You can mix and match jackets and vests from the 365 and 365 hybrid families.

We also have wool mid layers that are tailor-made to fit our trench coats.

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Third layer

The third layer is often a protective outer shell, much like the roof of a house. Here the most important thing is that the garment is wind and water repellent and has a good breathability function. Uhip's best layer-on-layer solution to the changing weather of spring is our trench family, the enemy of raindrops and gusts. The trench family consists of shell garments in a designed but at the same time classic cut. This makes it both neat and safe third layer when you ride out into nature or take that lovely walk early Saturday morning.

The jacket and coats are equipped with a soft and stretchy wrist guard with holes for the thumb that both protects and warms and keeps the sleeves in place. The cuffs are also foldable to protect the hand or glove from rain and wind.

All garments in the trench family are designed with rubber-clad buttons, reflective details, many pockets and extra breathing features.

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