We are a Swedish design company that is passionate about clothing with smart features

Uhip is a Swedish clothing design company located in Täby, Sweden. Our customers are ”active” women, and the collection consists of outdoor functional garments with partly patented special features and selected materials to sustain cold, windy and wet weather.
The idea is to offer our customer, clothing with original features, functionality, innovative design and make you look good in an urban or rural environment.
No one wants to freeze or feel limited while doing what they love outdoors, and with Uhip they don’t have to.
Uhips most well-known design protected garment is the thermal skirt that protects you from getting cold/wet thighs during activities, for example horseback riding, and with zippers at the front and rear this was a totally new functional wearing garment for all horseback riders, when we launched it 2011.
You are staying warm and dry both in the horse’s saddle or on a bike, as well as when grooming or walking your dog.
The products are sold through our web shop and retailers in Sweden, but the company is rapidly growing in other parts of Europe and Russia.

Fall 2010- an idea was born


"In autumn 2010, I came up with the idea for an equestrian-covering skirt that would make it possible for riders to keep warm during the Winter season. I experienced that the riding pants never kept me my thighs and butt warm. The inspiration came from a very clever product from another Swedish company Skhoop who had created the“Åre-skirt) The skirt had zippers down the sides, which is great for walking but impossible to use when riding. I simply twisted the Åre-skirt I had and made a few changes to it and realised that I had created a new product that was possible to wear in the saddle and move freely in when I needed.

here we go

Kul bild med glädje

"I go all-in when I take on tasks…and want things to happen fast. My colleagues and family call me ”Ullis.nu” (probably with mixed feelings…) When I get an idea, I want to realize it as soon as I can.
During the Winter / Spring 2010 I came up with a prototype that was tested with good results. PRV was contacted to design protect the idea and after a few adjustments the unique skirt became design protected. During the summer of 2011, I contacted a sewing supplier in China and one in the UAE for the production of a sample. The choice fell on the provider in the UAE, and production was started with the first delivery in November 2011."

Launch in 2011

Närvaro, känsla och mys med häst

"Marketing started on Facebook afew weeks before the skirt delivery, once they had got over 500 riders that liked the idea! In a month and a half a few hundred skirts were sold, and most of the equestrian media approached Uhip. The Uhip skirt came in second place in the competition “The year 2011 equestrian gadget” horse magazine Hipson!"


3-in-1 täckkjol uhip

I Autumn 2011 won the Silver Spot as this year’s equestrian gadget.

growing range

Härligt tryck i ridningen vi gillar- saknar hel häst

In parallel with efforts to obtain design protection on the skirt, Uhip developed a quilted jacket with special and unique cuffs (cuffs), which can be rolled down and becomes a built-in, fold-down “hand warmer” / sleeve. The background to the design is that most riders use thin riding gloves and then their hands freeze during the cold season, there is a need to protect, and keep the hands warm during the Winter ridpasses without thick gloves / mittens. Even the jackets were sewn up and delivered in Autumn 2011 and at the end of the first Winter season Uhip had the entire shipment sold out with very good ratings and reviews from the riders and the media. The design of the jacket’s cuffs were applied also by PRV for design protection which was approved during the same period.

2017 - the journey continues

Alaska Blue parca riding navy

We are so glad that so many have followed us on our trip until today and, of course hope you want to continue doing it 🙂 Uhip is a brand hat is constantly evolving and we hope to warm many frozen riders now and in the future.

Stay tuned