We have selected materials that live up to our customers’ expectations of warmth, comfort and ventilation during activity. The insulation in our clothing consists of synthetic cotton that has good breathability, warms even when damp or wet, and dries in no time.


OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is a worldwide, uniform testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products in all production stages. The aim is to ensure that the products contain no health-hazardous substances.


Dupont Sorona LOGO

Most of our winter garments are made with insulation from Dupont™ Sorona®. The feather-like insulation can be found in jackets, sleeping bags etc from many major brands. The insulation is constructed with an advanced technology called Soron See.

Dupont™ Sorona® is the world-leading manufacturer and inventor of materials such as nylon, Teflon etc Dupont ́s Sorona is a renewable material that is 37% recycled from the plant kingdom instead of being oil-based. In addition, the manufacturer uses 30% less energy and emits 63% less greenhouse gases in manufacturing. Dupont is the 2015 Bio Business Award winner for its groundbreaking biotechnology.

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Vivo LOGO_Vivo [Black]


The Teknica Vivo insulation has the Vivo breathable insulation concept applied. This insulation is manufactured using a mixture of fibres including a very high percentage of our unique Clo‑i fibres to maximise breathability and warmth. In addition to our unique selection and balance of fibres, the special insulation is put through a calendared process which heats and seals the insulation on both sides.

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Wool from lavalan®

We love wool. For us, it has been given to choose wool for our base layer and mid layer products.

Wool is one of our finest natural materials with properties that make it unique among other textiles. Wool has the ability to regulate body temperature; it warms up when it is cold and cools down when it is warm. In addition, wool is a self-cleaning material, bactericidal and it is completely natural.

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Iontex® by Back on Track™

By combining modern textile technology and traditional Chinese medicine which is supported by scientific studies, Back on Track creates products that help people, horses and dogs.

Back on Tracks joint- and muscle support are manufactured from a functional textile in which ceramic particles are fused into the polyester- and polypropylene fibres. When the ceramic particles are warmed by body heat they reflect long-wave heat radiation, and what is called ”long-wave infrared radiation”, which effectively stimulates blood circulation in the tissue underneath the textile.

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Uhip's products have an impregnation, a DWR (durable water repellent) that create waterdrops on the fabric instead of going through it. After a few times in the washer, you have washed out the impregnation. To maintain the garments' original functions they need to get re-impregnated. You can re-impregnate many kinds of garments, as for example Uhips' Stable Pants or our collection of mid-layers.

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Bionic Finish

Durable Water Repellant (DWR)

The (DWR) coating is made to ensure the garment keeps the water out but let go of moist from the inside when you get warm during your activity. The balance between water resistance and transportation of moist is a delicate problem with clothes for outdoor activities.

BIONIC-FINISH®ECO Fluorocarbon free DWR
To further give materials water-repellency it is treated with DWR (Durable Water Repellant) which keeps the outer fabric dry. Impregnation does not affect the waterproofness itself, but it ensures that water drops roll off the outer fabric and do not penetrate the surface fabric.

Uhip have chosen to use the environmental friendly BIONIC-FINISH®ECO for all materials with impregnation.


• the water-repellent component used is based on a fluorine-free recipe
• water-repellent
• soil-repellent
• keeps colors and fabrics looking new longer
• allows textiles to dry more rapidly
• breathable
• resistant to washing
• weatherproof

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