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Uhip's Merino Baselayers are made from 100% fine Merino Wool (mulesing-free) and provide you with all the good benefits of wool. It provides excellent insulation and regulates temperature. The moisture-wicking of wool is slightly different from synthetic since it absorbs a small amount of liquid into the core of its fibres, but it also wicks moisture out through small openings within the material. The result is that the surface of wool yarns remains dry to the touch. Wool prevents odours and have anti-bacterial properties and also provide you UV-protection.

Micron is the measure of how fine the wool is and the measure of the diameter of the fibre. 17-23 micron is requested for finest wool and Uhip are using 19,5 micron which is soft enough for use for baby clothes.


  • 100% merino wool free from mulesing
  • Micron Count: 19.5
  • Material weight: 160 g/m2

Wool fibres provide excellent insulation, regulate temperatures, prevent odours and work perfectly for activities with varying intensity levels.

In addition to good warming properties, the merino wool also has the following qualities:

  1. Temperature regulating effect
  2. Absorbs sweat and excess heat while giving a cooling effect under warm conditions
  3. Merino wool has high UV protection, up to UV40 +
  4. The merino wool fiber has a thinner diameter than ordinary wool and is therefore softer and more elastic than ordinary wool
  5. The thickness of the wool is measured in microns. The finer the wool fiber, the softer it is. Fine wool is between 17-23 microns. Spring is at 19.5 and counted as Fine Merino soft enough to be used for toddler clothes
  6. Self-cleaning and odorless
  7. Antibacterial properties

A little extra information:
The wool protects the sheep against heat up to 35 degrees and cooling down to -20 degrees
It is the high air content of the wool (80% air 20% wool) which gives the wool its good properties