OrganoTex® BioCare Sport Textile Wash 500 ml

Smart and unique features
Swedish design
Eco conscious

BIOBASED WASH for functional fabrics in shell garments, soft-shell products, wind- and skiwear, fleece, backpacks etc. Works gently on DWR treated fabrics so that the water repellent finish lasts longer. Ideally use before OrganoTex re-impregnation treatment. Works also in cold water.


BioCare´s benefits compared to normal detergents:

  • Leaves no chemical residue that will affect the water repellent functionality and breathability. Many detergents (mainly powders) include silicates and carbonates that can leave particles in fabric, deteriorating overall effectiveness.
  • Enzymes help to remove protein stains; such as blood, fat, grease, egg, grass etc…

Environmentally friendly features of BioCare Textile Wash:

  • Readily biodegradable
  • Highly concentrated
  • Predominantly bio-based raw materials
  • Water based and no volatile organic solvents (VOC)
  • Phosphorus free (common in many detergents – contributes to eutrophication).

Contents: 15–30% Soap, 5–15% nonionic tensides, 1–5% anionic tensides, <1% Preservatives (2-Phenoxyethanol), Enzymes.

Consumptions: 100 ml/wash

Instructions for use:

  1. Shake bottle well and make sure the detergent compartment is clean.
  2. Add 40 ml (soft water) or 60 ml (hard water) into the detergent compartment for up to 4–5 kg.
  3. Do not use fabric softener.
  4. Wash and dry according to the fabrics or garment´s instructions.

IF handwashing: use 20 ml per 10 L of warm or cold water.