OrganoTex® BioCare Wool and Down Wash 500 ml

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BIOBASED GENTLE WASH for wool and blends, merino wool, mohair, silk, cashmere and down.

Contains Lanolin (natural wool fat) that recreates the wools natural properties and eucalyptus oil, which except providing a nice scent has an antibacterial function. Free from enzymes that break down the fibre’s natural properties in both wool and down.

For outerwear in wool and down, OrganoTex Spray-On Waterproofing is recommended to improve the water repellency when needed.



1) Shake the bottle and make sure the detergents compartments are clean

2) Add 25 ml (soft water) or 40 ml (hard water) into a detergent compartment for up to 2-4 kg. Do not use fabric softener!

3) Wash and dry according to the washing instructions

500 ml lasts up to 20 washes


Why use a special detergent for wool and down?

In “regular” detergents you have enzymes and these will break down the protein in both wool and down. A regular detergent also leaves chemical residue in the fabrics and you losing the natural functions in both the wool and the down.


Contents: 15–30% soap, 5–15% nonjonic tensides, 1–5% anionic tensides, <1% preservatives (2-phenoxyethanol), Perfume (Essential eucalyptus oil) and <1% Lanolin

This product is readily biodegradable, highly concentrated and high biobased contents.

Classified as nontoxic and non-harmful for nature according to CLP.

Manufactured by the Swedish green chemical company according to IS014001 and ISO9001.