OrganoTex® Spray-On Textile Waterproofing 500 ml

Smart and unique features
Swedish design
Eco conscious

ECO-FRIENDLY WATER REPELLENT SPRAY to improve water- (and dirt) repellency on most functional fabrics, e.g. polyester, polyamide, wool, cotton and blends.

Excellent for functional outdoor garments and gears, e.g. shells, soft-shells, skiwear, windbreakers, trekking garments, bags, packs, tents e t c.

Maintains the fabrics breathability, colour and structure.



Inspired by nature´s own chemistry, like a leaf is water repellent. The formulation connects to each fibre deeply (3D) and gives a nice hand feel, no colour changes or stiffness and it maintains the breathability very well.

CONTAINS: Based on water and natural fatty acids, free from PFCs (fluorocarbons). Classified as readily biodegradable (within 14 days).

500 ml are suffi­cient for 5 items or 10-12 sqm of textile.



  • Wash the textile/garment without fabric softener. Ensure the fabrics are completely dry and clean.
  • Protect the work surface. Spray from 20 cm distance, make sure the fabric becomes evenly wet. Wait 1 minute, spray again and rub the liquid evenly with a rag.
  • Remove any excess liquid with a cloth, don’t leave drops as this may cause stains.
  • Tumble dry or dry in a cabinet (follow care instructions), or possible to air dry in minimum 24 h.

The product is able to dry in room temperature, however preferable use a tumble dryer or drying cabinet to reactivate the DWR impregnation most effectively (if possible). Easy to apply on clean and dry textile.