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Posts by Ulrika

Less tired legs, better communication with your horse!

We have all been there with rubbing socks, extensive sweating, hard taking off or putting on riding boots and swollen ankles and feet after a long ride? So with our compression riding socks, you can minimize or dismiss all these problems, and your legs will look and feel much better.   Support & blood circulation…

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First out in Spring Summer 19 launch

First out in our launch of spring summer outdoor cloths are our Trench line. The Trench line consist of shell jackets and coats with good protection from rain and wind and in a designed trench look that makes you look stylish both in the stable and round town. Look at the collection

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Sneak Peak Spring news!

Spring is in the air and it’s time to switch to spring colors and spring outdoor clothes.  Uhip’s shop will be full of functional wear in lovely colors. Stay Tuned!

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