Winter Glove Jet Black

Smart and unique features
Swedish design
Eco conscious
NEW IN! Riding gloves in artificial leather with four way stretch fabric and warm wool padding.


Uhip Winter Riding Gloves keep your hands warm regardless of activity and weather conditions. The wool padding absorbs moisture on the inside and releases it on the outside making sure that the inside of the glove is always nice and dry.


Size guide

Hand circumference at the knuckles:

17cm = XS

18cm = S

19cm = M

20cm = L

21cm = XL


  • Hybrid construction with textured synthetic leather with palm in neobbeck sweet material and back of hand in 4-way stretch.
  • Wrist adjustment with strap and velcro
  • Internal elastic at wrist and back of hand for stay in place 
  • Rein protection re-inforcement


4-way stretch synthetic leather and Amara synthetic suede with lavalan pro insulation