A warming horse life in a rainy winter

By Daniel | Jan 16, 2020

With a checklist long as a marathon race in the middle of winter with snow, rain and sudden temperature changes, you have to be in sync as horse parents. The cold can be a tough opponent but Uhips smart and functional products give you the tools to defeat it. For Tobias and Malin Jonberg it´s all […]

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The idea behind the stable pants

By Daniel | Jan 8, 2020

When my horse got sick, I went a lot to the stable without riding. I was wearing a pair of functional pants from a well-known outdoor brand that I didn’t really liked to wear because of the firm fabric. Some days I would try to ride and would have liked to be able to sit […]

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It all started with a mirror…

By Daniel | Dec 30, 2019

December 2010 is to be known as the coldest winter in Sweden ever. That winter, in the north of Stockholm, the hobby rider Ulrika Falkman got a present from her husband, a present she has wished for a long time; a thermal skirt. She tries it on for the first time wearing here riding pants […]

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Our sustainability view and how it affects Uhip’s Black Friday

By Martina | Nov 23, 2019

Uhip loves to make functional garments for you as a rider and for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. We choose materials with great care so that you can wear them many days a week for several years. We take care of the environment and see that you will be able to live […]

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Mom and daughter in Uhip riding clothes

Think about your safety in the darkness

By Martina | Nov 14, 2019

Time to think about your safety while riding out in the evening! For those of you who ride out in the dark (and honestly, its most of us, as here in Sweden in November is getting dark by 4 afternoons!!), its good to know how to stay safe! We all know ‘must&dont’ clothing while riding […]

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Under the helmet of Eva

By Martina | Nov 11, 2019

You might know Shilas (yes, he has his own Instagram page @shilasthehaflinger welcome to follow!) But you might miss out Eva’s story and we believe it’s fascinating! And there no one to tell it better than she is, so lets us introduce you Eva Roemaat and welcome her to the Uhip team 🙂 My name is Eva […]

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Love your Uhip

By Martina | Oct 24, 2019

With the right care, you and your Uhip will be inseparable for many years. Here are a few easy steps to prolong function, look, and benefit of the material is made of. First of all – If you get dirt on it (does dogs paws or horse muzzle print sound familiar?) WHIPE it off. As […]

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Spot the difference!

By Martina | Oct 11, 2019

We all know that Uhip coats, jackets, and skirts are the absolute best for the cold season. Especially for Autumn and Winter when wind, rain, snow, and low-temperature testing us and our desire to stay outdoors. But how to choose the right garment for you based on your activity? Let us compare. All Uhip’s clothes have ultimate Uhip […]

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Say yes to trench!

By Martina | Aug 29, 2019

Imagine one coat that you can wear all year round, in any weather and during any activity. Our Trench line has it all! Functionality, look, and choices of models to any preferences! With adding Hybrid jackets, base layers, or Uhip 365 jackets and vests, you can welcome Autumn with comfort and style! All-day long from office to […]

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