Love your Uhip

With the right care, you and your Uhip will be inseparable for many years. Here are a few easy steps to prolong function, look, and benefit of the material is made of.

First of all - If you get dirt on it (does dogs paws or horse muzzle print sound familiar?) WHIPE it off. As deeper this stain goes, more damage it will be made for all technical details of the fabric.

Wash your garment if it has gotten very sweaty or dirty as this weakens the performance of the garment. They can reduce the fabric’s breathability and damage the water repellent surface. The dirt can even allow for moisture to leak though the fabric. Wash your garments inside out so that detergent and soil water can be centrifuged out of the membrane and pad. Make sure to button up and that zippers are zipped and closed when washing. This will minimize the risk that fabrics get caught on sharp edges during the wash.

Avoid to use fabric softener. They have a negative impact on the garments performance and the environment. The fabric softener leaves a coating on the fibers of the garment, which affects the moisture transportation and breathability of the garment.


Most of Uhip's garments have DWR treatments - durable water repellency. The purpose of these is to make the outer fabric water resistant.

Hang dry. Just remember to introduce heat to the garment after washing to reactivate the water resistant surface of the outer fabric. Use a drying cabinet, dryer or iron. Make sure you monitor the heat so the garment does not melt.

When it wears off after a few seasons, the outer fabric of your shell layer will start to get wet even though the membrane will still keep water from passing through the garment. When this happens, you can re-apply the DWR with a wash-in product or a spray. Always use an organic DWR.

We remind you to always read the care labels and instructions to make the love of Uhip as long as possible!

Spot the difference!

We all know that Uhip coats, jackets, and skirts are the absolute best for the cold season. Especially for Autumn and Winter when wind, rain, snow, and low-temperature testing us and our desire to stay outdoors. But how to choose the right garment for you based on your activity? Let us compare.

All Uhip's clothes have ultimate Uhip function for freedom of movement and comfort in the saddle and all around.

Such as:

  • two-way front zipper and buttoned straps,
  • down foldable hand-warming cuffs to keep your hands warm,
  • Uhip's elastic leg straps to attach your coat or skirt around the thigh and just enough pockets for all your needs.
Alaska jacket and skirt in Wren
Alaska jacket and skirt in Wren

If you're lucky enough to have a riding arena where you can hide from snow and rainfall, we could definitely suggest our Alaska and Nordic line.

Alaska and Nordic lines are for those who planned to mostly ride indoors during cold months and stay away from heavy snowing or raining. Wearing the Nordic you can easily enjoy some outdoor riding in snow or rain for about an hour as it has wp 3000 mm.

Alaska and Nordic line designed to keep you warm in the cold but dry weather with no excessive rain or snowfall. The lines come in full-length riding coat, midlength riding parka, riding jackets, and riding skirts.

Nordic in different colors
Nordic in different colors
Ice jacket and skirt in petrol and graphite
Ice jacket and skirt in petrol and graphite

On the other hand, Ice and Arctic lines have the same functional feature but come in a little more sporty look, with extra light reflecting details and waterproofness and breathability index of 7000 in Ice collection and 5000 in the Arctic collection.

So Arctic and Ice line are perfect for withstanding light rain or snowfall during the winter season.

As well, the Ice line is designed with bonded quilting instead of stitching and soft suede-like feeling material.

Arctic and Ice line comes in full-length riding coat, riding jackets, and riding skirts. And also available in Junior/kids and Men's models.

So the choice is yours, and we sure each of you will find the right garment for your outdoor activity, and we are here for you to help!

Arctic jacket and skirt
Arctic jacket and skirt
Ice Graphite
Alaska Urban Chick
Nordic Mood Indigo
Arctic Sport Navy