Sun, wind and water

Swedish people love talking about the weather. The four different seasons offer a wide range of temperatures, rain, snow, sunny days, colours of nature and surroundings and, maybe the biggest difference of them all, hours of daylight.

If you haven't been living in Sweden or maybe another country in the north. you have probably not heard about "spring feelings". To try making you understand; imagine living in cold temperatures with only a few hours (or none in the very, very north part of Sweden) of daylight for about four months. The trees have lost their green leaves months ago and fauna is sleeping.

Then, step by step, nature is awakening, the trees, grass and flowers turn into their beautiful colours and the birds are singing again. The temperatures are going up and there isn't a cloud in the sky. Imagine the feeling when you are madly in love. That's how "the spring feelings" are.

Suddenly, the winds almost blow you away, the temperature decreases, the sky turns grey and you can tell there is rain coming any second. The sky is open up and the rain is pouring down. A couple of hours later the sun is shining and the temperatures rise. That's how the spring weather is in Sweden, which is one of the many reasons you should dress by the layering technique.

The art of layering

Trench, 365

When you step outdoors, the ancient art of layering becomes your smart-technology thermostat. This tried-and-true strategy lets you regulate comfort by slipping layers on and off as your activity level or the weather changes.

What’s the secret to staying warm and comfortable when active outside? Layers. Layering your outdoor clothing adds comfort by protecting your body from wind, water and moisture, and helps to regulate your temperature during activity.

There are three basic components to your layering system: base, mid and outer layers.

Uhip's clothing is made for layering up with matching colours and smart elegant design with smart special features.

Layering up with Uhip


First layer

This is the layer in direct contact with your skin. Its main purpose is to transport or “wick” moisture off your skin and move it toward the surface of the fabric where it can evaporate. The base layer should be seamless or flat-seamed garments that won’t rub against your skin when combined with outer layers.

Guess what!? Uhip has merino base layers in different colours. The wool regulates your body temperature the same way as it does on the sheep. As the body temperature rises the wool has the amazing ability to transfer heat and moisture along with every fibre and release it into the cooler, drier environment, and when it is cold it keeps the heat in.

In addition, wool is an entirely natural fibre and has antibacterial properties that make it almost odour free.

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Second layer

This layer adds insulation, traps body heat to keep you warm, and continues moving moisture outward.

Our riding jackets and riding vests in the 365 hybrid family are available in women's, men's and children's sizes are an excellent choice of a thinner mid layer. The "hybrids" have a close fit, offer freedom of movement and are manufactured with the market's most breathable insulation from Clo®  A perfect mid layer for activity.


If you need a warmer mid layer, the 365 family is there for you. We have jackets and vests in women's and children's sizes that are designed to be used during all 365 days of the year. We have chosen insulation from Sorona®  that heats in all kinds of climates and is an excellent choice as a mid layer.

You can mix and match jackets and vests from the 365 and 365 hybrid families.

We also have wool mid layers that are tailor-made to fit our trench coats.

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Third layer

The third layer is often a protective outer shell, much like the roof of a house. Here the most important thing is that the garment is wind and water repellent and has a good breathability function. Uhip's best layer-on-layer solution to the changing weather of spring is our trench family, the enemy of raindrops and gusts. The trench family consists of shell garments in a designed but at the same time classic cut. This makes it both neat and safe third layer when you ride out into nature or take that lovely walk early Saturday morning.

The jacket and coats are equipped with a soft and stretchy wrist guard with holes for the thumb that both protects and warms and keeps the sleeves in place. The cuffs are also foldable to protect the hand or glove from rain and wind.

All garments in the trench family are designed with rubber-clad buttons, reflective details, many pockets and extra breathing features.

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365 days a year

May we present the 365 family. Named after the number of days of the year given the usability of the garments. Lightweight jackets and vests with the perfect amount of insulation for year-round use.

The family 365 consists of riding jackets and riding vests, designed to be used during all 365 days of the year. Lightweight garments are as suitable as outerwear at spring, summer and autumn temperatures as a warming mid layer during the cold days of winter.


We asked Ulrika Falkman, founder and CEO, some quick questions.

When did the first 365 jacket see the light? When was the vest added to the collection?
The first 365 riding jacket was launched in spring 2016 in a colourful edition of orange, "Hubba bubba" pink and beige. The vest came the same year in navy blue.

What was the background to the idea of the 365 garments?
The idea was a jacket that you could wear in spring, summer, autumn and winter where you only add a shell jacket on top if necessary or good wool underwear in colder weather. Kind of like you think in the ski world. That´s why I named it 365.

365 Jacket 2016
365 Jacket 2016
365 Jacket 2017
365 Jacket 2017
365 Jacket 2018
365 Jacket 2018
365 Jacket 2019
365 Jacket 2019

What has improved/changed with the "365" over the years?
Since the launch in 2016, both fit, quality and materials have been significantly improved. It breathes better, has a lighter and more comfortable feel and has a couple of features that make it easier and more comfortable to wear it. It has also got "siblings" and "cousins" in matching colours in the family 365 Hybrid. Also, these vests and 2nd Layer jackets are year-round garments.

What is your favourite colour of all time?
Wow, what a difficult question, I love all the colours. One of the challenges in this job is that we place the order of next year's collection about a year before we can launch it.  So once the collection gets to Sweden from our factories we have already started with next year's colours. This means that I never have time to enjoy the colours of the individual season in peace and quiet 🙂 But I like wearing the Urban Chick Green colour and I think this year's petrol (Green Blue Slate) is super cool.

365 Mid Layer Jacket Urban Chick Green
365 Mid Layer Jacket Urban Chick Green
365 Mid Layer Jacket Green Blue Slate
365 Mid Layer Jacket Green Blue Slate

Renewable material

We have chosen to use insulation from Dupont™ called Sorona® in our 365 garments. Dupont's Sorona is a renewable material that is 37% extracted from the plant kingdom instead of being completely petroleum-based as other nylon and polyester. The production also uses 30% less energy than regular nylon and emits 63% fewer greenhouse gases. Dupont™ is the 2015 Bio Business award winner for its groundbreaking biotechnology.

The reasons why we use the synthetic duet Sorona® are many and here are some of them:

  • Comfort in any climate
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Exceptional resistance to heat loss with the added benefit of breathability
  • Maintains its shape and loft wash after wash
  • Supreme softness

Some of the features of the jackets and vests of the 365 family are:

  1. Zip at the front with a chin cover and around the zipper housing at the bottom to avoid chafing against the saddle
  2. Warming cuffs with a hole for the thumb (jacket)
  3. Detachable hood, fastened with snap fasteners (jacket)
  4. High, warming collar
  5. Zipper guard for chin
  6. Two zippered pockets
  7. Chest pocket with zipper
  8. Elastic band at bottom and hood

Mix and match

The riding jackets and vests can be mixed and matched with each other or with one of our other families. Wear a 365 jacket or vest as a warming mid layer under a trench of the same colour or mix the colours! The options for wearing Uhip's riding jackets and riding vests from the 365 family are endless.


Welcome the April weather in a trench!

Would you like to welcome spring with a ride but unsure about the weather? The weather in April never seems to stop challenging us. Make sure to dress dry and warmly in our trench family and we can promise you've made a good choice.


Style meets functionality

Uhip's rain- and wind resistant trench family is designed to keep you dry and comfortable in the saddle. The design has a classic yet sporty style thanks to its functional details.


The garments are made in a durable but light and stretchy polyester fabric that gives you freedom of movement. With TPU film on the backside providing wp 7000 mm the trench family gives very good protection from the rain.


Do you know about Uhip's smart features?

Push buttons in the back
Push buttons in the back
Adjustable waist
Adjustable waist
Wrist warmer and prolonged cuffs
Wrist warmer and prolonged cuffs

The trench coats, jacket and skirt are provided with a two-way zipper in the front and push buttons in the back that enables you to wear it in the saddle. By opening up your coat or skirt from below and let it fall down over your thighs, bum and the back of the saddle, you're able to sit comfortably while riding. To make sure the garment stays in place you easily attach it around your legs with the elastic leg straps placed on the inside of the trench. Additionally, the trench family is designed with an adjustable waist. 

The jacket and the coats have two soft and stretchy wrist warmers made with a hole for your thumb that protects and warms your hands, while they make the arms stay in place. They are also provided with prolonged cuffs to cover your hands or riding gloves from getting dirty. All the pieces in the trench family is produced with rubber-coated buttons, reflected details, many pockets and extra ventilation for increased breathability.

More smart features

  • Detachable hood, attached with snap buttons and velcro
  • High collar with fleece inside
  • Cheek-protection at front zip
  • Two hand pockets with water-resistant zippers
  • Two hand pockets with snap button closure
  • Two chest pocket and one sleeve pocket water-resistant zippers
  • A back slot with gusset hidden behind a buttoned placket.
  • Fully seam-sealed
Adjustable and detachable hood
Adjustable and detachable hood
Pockets with water resistant zippers
Pockets with water resistant zippers

Which Uhip system is the right one for me?

Jacket and Skirt

The matching jacket and skirt comes in our classical colours jet black and mood indigo blue. We call this combo the ''Two piece system'' which means you'll keep dry and warm with the help of two garments. By choosing a jacket and skirt you'll be given the flexibility to wear it in different ways. 

The jacket matches the skirt and together they give the feeling of a long coat where one piece can be taken off when you'd like.

Uhip's Trench Jacket and Skirt
Uhip's Trench Jacket and Skirt

The mid lenght coat or the longer coat

What we call the ''One piece system'' fits you who prefer to wear only one garment. Uhip's trench coats are easy to put on and will protect you from rain, wind and dirt. 

Whether you should pick the shorter och longer coat is just a matter of taste. Some of our customers are experiencing that the mid length coat gives better freedom of movement, while others want their coat to cover their thighs properly, and therefore chooses the long coat.

Uhip's Mid Lenght Trench Coat
Uhip's Mid Lenght Trench Coat
Uhip's Long Trench Coat
Uhip's Long Trench Coat
Add warmth with Uhip's mid layer in wool
Add warmth with Uhip's mid layer in wool

In the need of something warmer?

Add a layer of wool! Uhip's Wool Hybrid Liners are custom made to fit as a warming mid layer to our trench family. The liner is easily attachable with the help of an extra zipper places on the inside of the trench. By adding an extra layer of warmth you are set to face the weather no matter what season it is.

Uhip loves wool, read more here


About the sizes

The garments in the Trench family are normal in their sizes but do not choose a size that is too small if you would like to use an inner liner underneath. it’s also important for the functionality that you have a bit of air between your middle layer and outer layer. Choose the same size to your Wool Hybrid Liner.

At last...

We remind you to always read the care labels and instructions to make the love of Uhip as long as possible

Read about how to take care of your Uhip


The Uhip skirt


Horses and horseback riding - a complicated art that requires both knowledge, patience and lots of time. For the ride to be as pleasant and rewarding as possible, it is especially important to sit comfortably and to be sure that the riding clothes are resistant to all kinds of weather.


For almost a decade we have found inspiration in everyday life where we have taken new fresh ideas to design clothes that will meet the rider's needs, says Ulrika Falkman, CEO and founder of Uhip. Uhip's real classic is the cover skirt, and it was with the skirt all started. We are therefore particularly proud of the skirt – the garment our customers quickly renamed and now called a riding skirt or Uhip skirt in the vernacular. The skirt keeps you warm and has a lot of smart features, Ulrika continues.



Equipping yourself as a rider with stylish clothes that keep you warm and gives you a lot of smart features in horse life is Uhip's guiding principle.


Adjustable at the waist to be able to adjust the size so that it sits perfectly.


The two-way front zipper is divisible at the top so you can take off your skirt while sitting in the saddle. The divisible front zipper and the high, flexible scowing at the back allow you to sit in the saddle and let the skirt hang down the bottom sides.


The elastic leg bands that can be adjusted with push buttons on the inside of the skirt hold it in place "in open position".


Uhip has skirts in models for all needs. Our rain/wind skirt is, lightly lined, and as the name suggests, it protects you from rain and wind. Uhips Trench Skirt is a water-resistant thin trench-style shell skirt that you can complement with a liner skirt if you desire more warmth. Otherwise, we have skirts with different levels of insulation and protection against rain and wind. Read more about our various families and their characteristics.

Skirt + Jacket = A match made in heaven

arcticsport_jacket_skirt_navy_ebba_2 (kopia)

A "perfect match" is to combine your riding skirt with a matching jacket. The advantage of choosing such a combo is that you can create the feel and look of wearing a coat but at the same time have the ability to adapt the upholstery to your needs by taking off your jacket or skirt.

Smart features in action

The idea behind the stable pants

When my horse got sick, I went a lot to the stable without riding. I was wearing a pair of functional pants from a well-known outdoor brand that I didn’t really liked to wear because of the firm fabric. Some days I would try to ride and would have liked to be able to sit up comfortably without putting on the riding pants just for it. That’s when the idea of the Uhip Functional Stable Pants came to me.

After a couple of turns with samples from the factory, my co-worker Elin and I have got to the point when we were happy with the outcome. Model, size and not least the material that’s carefully selected to be right for the life in the stable. The popular stable pants are available in a version for the warmer part of the year and now finally another version for the colder part of the year.

What our customers says

"I bought the functional pants by UHIP, they are just perfect, comfortable, smart, stretchy. They seem to resist dirt, I have worn mine everyday since they arrived, sometimes all day. They wash nicely and dry quickly. Need a second pair now so I am never ever without them."
- Sue T

Stretchy material that's right for the life in the stable
Stretchy material that's right for the life in the stable

The pants are made with pockets, both without and with zippers, they are adjustable at bottom and are made in a fabric that is stretchy for the best freedom of movement. The winter pants are a little thicker and the inside is nice and smooth and the also have fluorine carbon-free, DWR-treated outer material that provides good protection from moisture, dirt and wind.

The pants are made with a lot of pockets
The pants are made with a lot of pockets

To sit comfortably in the saddle, they are made with "a seat" just like riding pants, i.e. no seam that irritates when you’re on the horseback. The pants are slightly higher in the back for best fit. The pants have a straight fit and are great for both guys/men and girls/women.

This winter we offer the stable pants in the green color Urban chick, in a bright navy blue color and in black. Order your color, try your pants and we think you will think them as beautiful as we are!

Designed to sit comfortably in the saddle
Designed to sit comfortably in the saddle

Think about your safety in the darkness

Time to think about your safety while riding out in the evening!

For those of you who ride out in the dark (and honestly, its most of us, as here in Sweden in November is getting dark by 4 afternoons!!), its good to know how to stay safe!

We all know 'must&dont' clothing while riding out. However, it is even more important to follow safety rules in the darker and gloomier weather, so we are easier to see for oncoming traffic.

Did you know?

Drivers first see pedestrians wearing:

  • Blue at around 15 meters
  • Red at about 24 meters
  • Yellow at about 40 meters
  • White at about 54 meters

But it takes almost 79 meters for a vehicle going 60 mph to completely stop.

So, as the well-known saying goes, better safe than sorry.

Wear clothes with light-reflective details yourself and light-reflective or fluorescent gear for your horse too.

Our Junior, Ice and Arctic Sports lines provide designed with light-reflecting details, front and back, and on both sides.

So, keep that in mind while choosing the model for you!

Examples of the reflective details

Reflective print on sleeve

Reflective print on upper back

Reflective print on hood and back slot

Reflex on chest and sleeve

Reflective pipings along sides and reflective print at bottom hem

Love your Uhip

With the right care, you and your Uhip will be inseparable for many years. Here are a few easy steps to prolong function, look, and benefit of the material is made of.

First of all - If you get dirt on it (does dogs paws or horse muzzle print sound familiar?) WHIPE it off. As deeper this stain goes, more damage it will be made for all technical details of the fabric.

Wash your garment if it has gotten very sweaty or dirty as this weakens the performance of the garment. They can reduce the fabric’s breathability and damage the water repellent surface. The dirt can even allow for moisture to leak though the fabric. Wash your garments inside out so that detergent and soil water can be centrifuged out of the membrane and pad. Make sure to button up and that zippers are zipped and closed when washing. This will minimize the risk that fabrics get caught on sharp edges during the wash.

Avoid to use fabric softener. They have a negative impact on the garments performance and the environment. The fabric softener leaves a coating on the fibers of the garment, which affects the moisture transportation and breathability of the garment.


Most of Uhip's garments have DWR treatments - durable water repellency. The purpose of these is to make the outer fabric water resistant.

Hang dry. Just remember to introduce heat to the garment after washing to reactivate the water resistant surface of the outer fabric. Use a drying cabinet, dryer or iron. Make sure you monitor the heat so the garment does not melt.

When it wears off after a few seasons, the outer fabric of your shell layer will start to get wet even though the membrane will still keep water from passing through the garment. When this happens, you can re-apply the DWR with a wash-in product or a spray. Always use an organic DWR.

We remind you to always read the care labels and instructions to make the love of Uhip as long as possible!

Spot the difference!

We all know that Uhip coats, jackets, and skirts are the absolute best for the cold season. Especially for Autumn and Winter when wind, rain, snow, and low-temperature testing us and our desire to stay outdoors. But how to choose the right garment for you based on your activity? Let us compare.

All Uhip's clothes have ultimate Uhip function for freedom of movement and comfort in the saddle and all around.

Such as:

  • two-way front zipper and buttoned straps,
  • down foldable hand-warming cuffs to keep your hands warm,
  • Uhip's elastic leg straps to attach your coat or skirt around the thigh and just enough pockets for all your needs.
Alaska jacket and skirt in Wren
Alaska jacket and skirt in Wren

If you're lucky enough to have a riding arena where you can hide from snow and rainfall, we could definitely suggest our Alaska and Nordic line.

Alaska and Nordic lines are for those who planned to mostly ride indoors during cold months and stay away from heavy snowing or raining. Wearing the Nordic you can easily enjoy some outdoor riding in snow or rain for about an hour as it has wp 3000 mm.

Alaska and Nordic line designed to keep you warm in the cold but dry weather with no excessive rain or snowfall. The lines come in full-length riding coat, midlength riding parka, riding jackets, and riding skirts.

Nordic in different colors
Nordic in different colors
Ice jacket and skirt in petrol and graphite
Ice jacket and skirt in petrol and graphite

On the other hand, Ice and Arctic lines have the same functional feature but come in a little more sporty look, with extra light reflecting details and waterproofness and breathability index of 7000 in Ice collection and 5000 in the Arctic collection.

So Arctic and Ice line are perfect for withstanding light rain or snowfall during the winter season.

As well, the Ice line is designed with bonded quilting instead of stitching and soft suede-like feeling material.

Arctic and Ice line comes in full-length riding coat, riding jackets, and riding skirts. And also available in Junior/kids and Men's models.

So the choice is yours, and we sure each of you will find the right garment for your outdoor activity, and we are here for you to help!

Arctic jacket and skirt
Arctic jacket and skirt
Ice Graphite
Alaska Urban Chick
Nordic Mood Indigo
Arctic Sport Navy

Say yes to trench!

Blog trench 2

Imagine one coat that you can wear all year round, in any weather and during any activity. Our Trench line has it all!

Functionality, look, and choices of models to any preferences!

With adding Hybrid jackets, base layers, or Uhip 365 jackets and vests, you can welcome Autumn with comfort and style!

All-day long from office to stable and back, easy to wear, easy to care, and usual Uhip's quality and function.

Choose your favorites

Do you want to share your Trench look with us?
Please tag @uhipwear and #uhiptrenchcoat #uhipteam #rootd, and we will share the best pictures on our account!

Rain resistance and breathability, can you have both?

Trench riding coat in rain
Trench riding coat in rain


Rain resistance and breathability, can you have both?

Yes, you can, and you should!

Our Trench line is absolute must-have during Spring and Summer season.

We carefully chose our fabric based on performance and quality.

That is why we made it of 100% nylon with light stretch and high water resistance level.

High level of 7000 WP meaning that you stay dry under even hard rain and breathable function prevent moisture from coming in, while allowing it to escape out.


Merino wool - perfect base layer


Choose the right base layer

Remember that during a high level of activity, it's important to choose the right base layer.

Merino wool or technical fast drying material tops are the best choices.

(Cotton base layer is big NO)

You can choose a model according to your activity and design preference: Long Trench coat, Mid Lenght Trench coat or Trench jacket and skirt.

Check out Week Favorites and learn more about our smart collection!

Stay tuned