Our sustainability view and how it affects Uhip’s Black Friday

Uhip loves to make functional garments for you as a rider and for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. We choose materials with great care so that you can wear them many days a week for several years.

We take care of the environment and see that you will be able to live with your Uhip garment for many years.  We prioritize long-lasting materials, and when you need to replace your old garment, you can send it to as in exchange to contribute to reduced consumption. Profit for you, profit for us, and above all, profit for the environment.

Most of us know that a lot of the consumption that takes place right now harms our environment. The consumption society we live in today encourages all of us to consume a lot at low prices, and this is not of benefit for a sustainable future. We are therefore cautious with Black Friday and will limit our offers to Friday's 24h and only our black range.

We call the day Black is Black.

Say yes to trench!

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Imagine one coat that you can wear all year round, in any weather and during any activity. Our Trench line has it all!

Functionality, look, and choices of models to any preferences!

With adding Hybrid jackets, base layers, or Uhip 365 jackets and vests, you can welcome Autumn with comfort and style!

All-day long from office to stable and back, easy to wear, easy to care, and usual Uhip's quality and function.

Choose your favorites

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Day at the stable with Helen Langehanenberg

What is the perfect day at the stable for you?

We had our perfect stable day with Helen Langehaneneberg, and learned that no matter how high you are in the FEI ranking, and no matter if your horse is number one in the world, the perfect day for every equestrian is about patience, love and understanding.

The love for our horses.


It started early in the morning with cuddles and Damsey sharing an apple, and then a full day of training, coaching students, and even sharing a cup of tea in the riding house, watching the horses.

So here is some advice on how to be a good rider?

Take your time to get to know your horse, set goals that are right for you, have lots of patience and enjoy your stable time!

Uhips functional and comfortable collection will help you concentrate on doing your main thing - riding!

Have a good ride!


And check Helen's choice for inspiration.


Up hill, down hill

Iontex jacket and riding tights
Stockholm Dressage Academy, wearing riding tights & Iontex jacket

Time to prepare your horse for an upcoming competition? Or maybe you start working on Passage and Piaffe? Summer is a perfect time for exploring outdoor riding possibilities.

Slow canter uphill will help your horse with balance and proper hind legs workout. And extended canter on broad straight lines, will help your horse lungs work correctly, right breathing is very important for muscles to get enough oxygen. And its super fun!

While trotting and walking on different terrain can help your horse find a natural balance in its movement.

The base of proper movement is balance and strength, you can train both without forcing your horse into it.

Also its a great way to exercise your own balance in a controlled yet unexpected way.

Natural excitement of horse riding outdoors will give this little extra energy and positive experience with learning new tasks for both of you.

Of course, your job to not disturb horse during that process, good balance, relaxed legs, and proper seat will help you to achieve it!

Please share your story about training your horse with us on social media. Simply tag @uhipwear on Instagram or @uhipwearinternational on Facebook.

And keep your horse healthy, happy and motivated.

Have a look at our favorites of the week. Picked for you to wear before, during and after a competition.


What is your summer plan?

Summer is here and we are all busy to make plans, does your Summer include horses? We definitely want to have an option that includes riding.

Each year across Europe, the USA and here in Sweden grow interests for riding camps.

Every Equestrian knows that for developing good athletes the importance of safe horsemanship and right care of the horse are as necessary as riding skills. So if you considering to join riding camps, you are moving towards the right direction.

And you need to start work on your packing list.

First of all and safety must-haves: riding helmet, protection vest (highly recommended for any outdoor riding) and boots or other proper riding shoes.

Then to your riding clothes, they have to be easy to care (forget those classic real sued grip riding breeches!!), breathable, fast drying and comfortable to be in the saddle and around stable all day long.


Uhip's Summer 2019 collection is here to help you enjoy your summer ride

  • Technical riding shirts with non-short- or long sleeves to enjoy your summer ride and avoid "equestrian tan"
  • Light compression riding tights with silicon grip, that is as comfortable to wear in the saddle as around stable all day.
  • Light padded jackets and vests for colder evenings
  • Functional stable pants for all day work in the stable
  • Trench line to stay dry and comfortable and ride in any weather!

Enjoy your summer and have fun riding!

Check out our young riders choice


Uhip summer favorites this week

Forest ride

Do you believe in outdoor training as much as we do?


We truly do. Not only its help to your horse stay happy and more motivated, as changing activities brings "interest" into everyday training, but forest ride can help you develop better muscles, balance and improve the health of your horse too!

Up and down hills, unpredictable sounds around, different terrain and fresh air  - all that will make you be a better rider and your horse be more trustful and calm in any situation (think about competition in the new outdoor arena and lots of noise??! )

So what should you consider before entering wildlife training?
First of all, take a map and find out where is proper and safe trails to ride. In Sweden we are very spoiled with amazing outdoor riding. And honestly evaluate your riding skills and your horse ability.

However, take it slow, and if you are insecure, and to have more fun, get a friend with a calm horse and explore together.

Take a long stroll in the walk, let horse look around and get used to sounds and new scenery, and enjoy spending time in the saddle!

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Last, but not least your safeness.
We sure we don't need to remind you about the helmet, right?!

But also consider have a phone in a secure pocket, light or brighter color clothes in case of emergency to ease up of search for you, and make sure that all part of your clothes is secure and will not stack on close by trees or saddle.

That is why our collection is perfect for outdoor riding!

Here are suggestions for a perfect Spring outdoor ride for every weather
All our outdoor clothes have a secure pocket for your phone, easily unattached hood, and coats and skirts have easily attached straps around your thighs for a comfortable and safe ride.


PS: Raining is promised for this weekend, check our Trench line to stay dry during your outdoor riding https://uhipwear.com/trench.


To be continued: Outdoor training tips.

Stretching or warming up?

Importance of your physical condition is one of the main things to improve your riding skills. After all, horseback riding is a sport and Equestrian is an athlete, with the same demands as at any other sports.

So on your way to being a better rider what come the first stretching or warming up?

During a horseback riding, we can all go from zero to hero and push hard, but the safe way to train is to bring the body’s temperature up slowly and loosen up the muscles before we get to do anything serious.

That’s what warm-ups are designed to do.


Stretching, on the other hand, is done to improve overall flexibility. Once muscles have worked, they are at their most compliant state, and they let us stretch further than we usually would gaining more ground while we are at it.

Give your self a few minutes to warm up before jumping into the saddle, that will help you move more freely with the horse, lessen the possibility of injury and lower the odds of being sore afterward.

And after all we not so different from our horses, the same riding school scheme working just fine: walk, breath, trot, canter, trot, walk, long reins and stretch 🙂

And our training line allowed you to perform and feel comfortable prior, during, and after riding.


PS. Short on time? Just warm up. On days when you don’t have time for a 20- to 30-minute warm-up and a practice session, don’t short the warm-up. Instead, use it as your saddle time for that day. You’ll keep your horse tuned up and avoid the risk of injury—so you can ride again tomorrow.

Find out more information about out Technical tops, Light compression riding tights and Iontex Hybrid jacket.

WELCOME SPRING with outdoor riding

Outdoor Riding


The sound of the wind, fresh air, and drum of the hooves on the ground, what can be better.

In Sweden we are so privileged to be surrounded by perfect nature especially for horseback riding.

Regardless of the season and especially during Spring, remember that the weather can change quickly, from warm and sunny, to rain showers and wind!

So choose your route and of course your riding outfit carefully.

Check our ROOTD inspiration on Instagram @uhipwear

So stay warm and ride out! A lot!

New look, remaining functionality

Our rain/wind skirt in trench style. Perfect match to all 365 and Trench Families from Uhip. If you never tried it before, from now on you´re going to wonder how you ever got through without it. Uhip’s rain/wind skirt will keep you dry and warm when you’re in the saddle. With a zipper in front and rare, light fabric with high rain resistant protection and sealed seams it will completely protect you from the weather elements.  No matter if its daily ride, stable work or competition. Prepare yourself for the perfect ride, don’t worry about the weather!