The real dream of the own riding school

The journey goes along sand roads far out in the Småland terrain, but suddenly it's there.
The small riding school.
Jenny Johnson's biggest dream is fulfilled, and almost 90 equestrians come for lessons every week.


From the beginning, there was only a residential building, an old barn, and a bus garage on Myrtorpet in Urasa, three miles south of Vaxjö. Today there are stables, a machinery hall, a paddock, and nice horse pens. Almost three years ago, Jenny Johnsson was taking a step towards her dream.

– I started my riding school in the summer of 2017 after maternity leave. For a long time, I had a dream about my pony riding school. I had previously been working at a riding school, and I felt that I wanted to do it my way, explains Jenny.

And now, she is doing it her way.


My life is fantastic!


If Myrtorpet had been a riding club, Jenny would have been its chairman, secretary, treasurer, and head coach, all in one. She gets considerable help from her husband Anders, especially now that their little son Titus, three months, requires a lot of Jenny's time.


But she doesn't complain.

– My life is fantastic! It's' wonderful to be able to wake up, look out and see the stable, feed the horses, and talk to them. As a child, I dreamed of my horse, and now I have ten own ponies and two competition horses. I could never have believed that, says Jenny.


Is it enough time for you doing something on your own?

– I treat myself by going to my coach at Oland at least once a month. It's my own time, so I use it for charging my mental batteries by exercising. Above that, it is always lovely to get out early in the morning or late evening and cuddle with my horses or go for a ride.

Busy days


We guess you must have plenty to do, from early morning to late at night. Is the tempo high?

– It is. I have pretty busy days, and some people get surprised when they see that I sent them an e-mail at half-past two at night. At that time, I send invoices or reply to a submit request; it's the way to go for business. It is nice to have control over everything yourself and, at the same time, difficult to be free. But I get lots of help from many girls who line up and relieve. Anders is my sounding board; I want to go, and he pulls the brake. Sometimes it can feel a little frustrating, but it is a nice combo, says Jenny with a smile.


The small riding school has quickly gained popularity


The groups practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and special activities are organized at regular intervals.

During one week, Jenny has almost 90 mountings with students between the ages of two and 14.


, and right now, there is no room for more. Training groups are occupied; over 30 children are on a waiting list.

Jenny is living her dream.
– Running my riding school is the only thing I do, and it's great to be able to do it every day.



The idea is that a young child should come here, start riding, and feel that it is fun to train and learn how to live with animals.

I hope it creates an interest in taking the next step a few years later and maybe start competing on one of my ponies. It would have been fun to have a student who goes all the way to the Swedish championships one day.


What kind of training do the youngest get, the children who are only a few years old?

– We're riding without stirrups, work out balance, playing games like imitating aircraft, trees, helicopters, and safaris, with helmet covers that represent sharks and crocodiles. I continuously try to find new pedagogy for toddlers and look at how they do in other places and also how preschools work to get children to collaborate and grow. The important thing is that the children should feel that they are seen, that I am there for them and told that they had done something right.


Since Jenny is a dressage rider, most training consists of dressage, even if jumping elements are present. During the long days, especially during a wet winter like this year, it is essential to put on the right set of clothes. Uhip's collection fit perfectly into Jenny's riding school day.

– I like Uhip's clothes, they have useful features and are perfect as layer-on-layer clothes. I use the hand warmers very often, either when I ride in snow or rain or when I train and do lessons. Then it is helpful to pull down the warmers over the mittens. Many students have seen me in both skirts, jackets, and coats.


How do you combine a skirt, jacket, and coat?

– I start with a thinner layer that still keeps riding if I need to take off a garment. When I'm standing on the ground, I put on my coat and fold the hood down when it blows. Last week we had snow here, and I had four hours of lessons. Then I had Ice Jacket, skirt, pulled down hand warmers, and Muckboots on my feet.


Stable Pants is your latest item from Uhip. What do you think?

– Very nice! The pants are very elastic and feel like riding pants. I live in riding pants for twelve hours a day, and these felt very comfortable, pleasant, and compliant. I may not be able to carry a full dressage pass in them, but they work fine if I want to show some practice details during the lessons.


A warming horse life in a rainy winter

With a checklist long as a marathon race in the middle of winter with snow, rain and sudden temperature changes, you have to be in sync as horse parents. The cold can be a tough opponent but Uhips smart and functional products give you the tools to defeat it.

For Tobias and Malin Jonberg it´s all about planning to get away with their horse projects. Daughter Alicia, 12, is already competing at the elite level while competitions for little brother Casper are a fairly new phenomenon.

For me who is out a lot in all weathers, it’s a must to wear clothes that are windproof and water resistant

For the most part, the Jonberg family has five horses in training. That follows long days that usually do not end until after 9 PM. Tobias and Malin do a lot in common but some tasks they divide. Tobias keeps the riding track in shape, retrieves pellets and hay silage, alfalfa, minerals, and other feed. He is also responsible for the water replenishment, ensures that the horse truck is fueled and washed, shops and prepares most of the family´s food. An active life demands the right clothes.

The fact that Uhip now launched a men´s collection is something Tobias makes a big thumbs up for.

Uhip has turned it around and understood that it is important to manufacture clothes even for dads

Without committed parents, no competing children. Tough, but true. Equestrian sports require high demands all year round, especially during the Nordic winter climate, A och O is to stay warm to handle all the long days in and around the training and racing courses.

– Super nice, the pants fit really well. I use them every day and among many advantages, I have found out that they´re almost completely dirt repellent. They’re very easy to brush. The trousers withstand wind and are made of a nice material that keeps me warm, says Tobias.

Your hands are particularly vulnerable when you hold the reins and the adjustable sleeve is a really clever idea

Malin trains and coaches the children in dressage and groundwork, cuts horses, fixes and buds manes, showers horses, change bits and keeps the stable clean. She drives the children to and from the stable, attends training, runs the family´s social media and regularly trains herself to better help the children. For several years, Malin has been using Uhip’s clothes.

– First and foremost, the clothes are nice; without good design, you don´t want to buy them. But what you also see at Uhip is there is a meaning along with the riding. For me, who is out in a lot of weather, it is a must to have clothes that are windproof and water resistant, says Malin.

As an optimal everyday combo, she and Alicia have a skirt and jacket, perfect layer-by-layer garments. In case of cleaning the stables, for example, the jacket can be easily removed, while the skirt still keeps you warm. Similarly, a pony parent can easily help remove the skirt if the rider gets hot while riding.

– A smart function I have discovered is the zipper, that you can drag from the top down. It makes it easy for me with undressing when Alicia sits on the horse. The leg cords also hold them in place and make sure to keep warm, says Malin.

– The hands stay especially vulnerable when holding the reins and the adjustable sleeve is a really neat idea. The other day, when it was rainy and wet, Alicia lowered her sleeves and stayed warm as she rode. Casper stood next to her and froze his hands despite wearing gloves, says Malin.

The fold-down sleeve function is perfect for their everyday life.

Tobias’ latest addition to his wardrobe is Uhip´s new men´s jacket, also with smart functions in the sleeve.

The jacket is just like the pants; nice, hearty, withstand wind, hold heat and sit well

– It´s perfect for me when, for example, I have to lengthen the leather or stretch a saddle. It feels like a function that I will find more and more the longer I use the jacket. The jacket is just like the pants; nice, solid, can withstand wind, keeps warm and fits well. When a was cleaning the stable the other day I had to remove it because it was t-o-o warm. That´s a good rating for the jacket, says Tobias.

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