Day at the stable with Helen Langehanenberg

What is the perfect day at the stable for you?

We had our perfect stable day with Helen Langehaneneberg, and learned that no matter how high you are in the FEI ranking, and no matter if your horse is number one in the world, the perfect day for every equestrian is about patience, love and understanding.

The love for our horses.


It started early in the morning with cuddles and Damsey sharing an apple, and then a full day of training, coaching students, and even sharing a cup of tea in the riding house, watching the horses.

So here is some advice on how to be a good rider?

Take your time to get to know your horse, set goals that are right for you, have lots of patience and enjoy your stable time!

Uhips functional and comfortable collection will help you concentrate on doing your main thing - riding!

Have a good ride!


And check Helen's choice for inspiration.


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