Finally riding camp!

Woohoo! Summer break is around the corner and many of you are counting down the days to one of the summer’s biggest highlights: riding camp.


What could be better than being together with your friends, taking care of your horses, ride out in nature, tell each other secrets, and maybe tell a ghost story?

Uhip Riding Tights comes in kids' sizes 150-160.
Uhip Riding Tights comes in kids' sizes 150-160.
Big or small, we have something for everyone.
Big or small, we have something for everyone.

Riding camp includes everything from eating loads of ice cream and make a barbeque before sunset.

To wake up early and take a ride down to the beach where your horse can splash around in the water while you're desperately trying to not get wet.


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Enjoy the woods and feel the freedom of riding on an emerald-colored field in full canter.


And like the cherry on top, why not arrange a hobby horse competition?


We’re a little bit jealous.

Several of us in the Uhip Crew remembers riding camps from our childhood. Actually, we feel a little bit jealous of you, going on summer break and counting down the days until your riding camp starts.

A riding camp means learning lots of new stuff about horses and riding, but it also means having fun and meeting new friends.

Please let us come with you – or at least our functional and fashionable clothes.


An essential for Uhip is clothes that you can wear no matter weather. We have our 365 Jacket that keeps you warm during days that are a bit chilly, and the thin and breathable Technical Top that gives you total freedom of movement during warmer days.

Uhip Junior 365 Mid Layer Jacket
Uhip Junior 365 Mid Layer Jacket
Uhip Technical Short Sleeve Tops
Uhip Technical Short Sleeve Tops

Is the weather changing under the day?

Just put on or take off your jacket, or wear a vest as a mid layer, that’s both practical and comfortable.

Besides that, Uhip has lots of other layer on layer solutions, which means you can choose how warm or cool you like to be. Great, isn't it?


Please feel free to visit our webshop before your big summer adventure! We have junior sizes in our very popular limited edition colours.

Hurry to place your order and we’ll promise to deliver your package just in time for your summer adventure!


The Uhip Crew wish you a fantastic summer!

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