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Forest ride

Do you believe in outdoor training as much as we do?


We truly do. Not only its help to your horse stay happy and more motivated, as changing activities brings "interest" into everyday training, but forest ride can help you develop better muscles, balance and improve the health of your horse too!

Up and down hills, unpredictable sounds around, different terrain and fresh air  - all that will make you be a better rider and your horse be more trustful and calm in any situation (think about competition in the new outdoor arena and lots of noise??! )

So what should you consider before entering wildlife training?
First of all, take a map and find out where is proper and safe trails to ride. In Sweden we are very spoiled with amazing outdoor riding. And honestly evaluate your riding skills and your horse ability.

However, take it slow, and if you are insecure, and to have more fun, get a friend with a calm horse and explore together.

Take a long stroll in the walk, let horse look around and get used to sounds and new scenery, and enjoy spending time in the saddle!

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Last, but not least your safeness.
We sure we don't need to remind you about the helmet, right?!

But also consider have a phone in a secure pocket, light or brighter color clothes in case of emergency to ease up of search for you, and make sure that all part of your clothes is secure and will not stack on close by trees or saddle.

That is why our collection is perfect for outdoor riding!

Here are suggestions for a perfect Spring outdoor ride for every weather
All our outdoor clothes have a secure pocket for your phone, easily unattached hood, and coats and skirts have easily attached straps around your thighs for a comfortable and safe ride.


PS: Raining is promised for this weekend, check our Trench line to stay dry during your outdoor riding https://uhipwear.com/trench.


To be continued: Outdoor training tips.

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