The Uhip way to stay warm and dry

One piece system

Would you like the simplicity of wearing only ONE garment which would keep you dry, warm and clean all day? If the answer is yes, then the Uhip coat is the right choice for you! To meet your needs the coat comes in two different lengths.

The Uhip riding coat is the longer model designed to provide maximum warmth.  It reaches down to around your knees or a little bit below, which is optimal to keep warm. When in the saddle the riding coat will keep your thighs covered and will stop you from getting freezing cold.

Read more about how Uhip's smart features will ensure comfort and freedom of movement both in the saddle and out.
Uhip's smart features.


Long coats in the Ice family

Long coats

Sometimes our customers try on one of our long coats and the reaction is ‘’Oh it’s so long, this is too long for me’’. That feeling changes pretty quickly once they feel the warmth spreading. It’s for jolly good reason that Uhip's coats are customers’ favourites.

Mid-length coats/parkas

Uhip parkas reach down to your thighs or a bit over your knees (depending on your height). The experience is the same as with the long coats; you’ll sit comfortably in the saddle while the parka covers your seat and a bit over your thighs. 

Which coat suits you the best, depends on your height and individual preference.


Nordic Parka

Which coat suits you the best, depends on your height and individual preference. Specific information and measurements are found in our size guide.

The Uhip collection offers a range of coats with varying amounts of insulation, which include shell layers providing the perfect protection from the rain, wind, and dirt.


Our coats and parkas