The Uhip way to stay warm and dry

One piece system – simple and warm

One Piece consists of coats for those who like the simplicity of putting on ONE garment when they want to stay dry, clean and warm all day. To meet different needs, we have two different lengths of cloaks.

The Uhip cape is the long model designed to cover most of the leg. The riding coat reaches down to about your knees or just below (depending on your height), which is optimal for keeping warm. When you're in the saddle, the coat sides will be able to cover your thighs and knees properly so you don't get cold.

Learn how Uhip's smart features allow you to stay warm in the saddle without compromising freedom of movement.
Uhip's smart features.


Long coats

When some of our customers put on one of our long riding coats, their reaction may be "Wow, this is too long for me." That feeling changes pretty quickly as the heat spreads, and it's no wonder customers love Uhip coats.

Mid-length coats/Parkas

Uhip's parkas stretch down to about mid-thigh if you're around 170 cm tall or down to just above the knees if you're around 160 cm. So it either covers part of your thighs or, like the Uhip cape, the whole thigh, depending on your height. With the same features as our long riding coats, you can sit comfortably in the saddle with protection from the cold and wet.


Nordic Parka

You decide which length suits your needs and wishes. Information on the length of the coats, in centimetres, can be found in our size guide.

Uhip's selection of riding coats includes shell garments that protect against moisture, wind, and dirt, as well as jackets with different levels of insulation.


Our coats and parkas