The Uhip way to stay warm and dry

Single piece system

 If you only need a jacket OR a skirt, of course you can choose that.

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A Uhip jacket offers smart solutions for an active life with horses. For example, you can protect your saddle against scuff marks from the zipper with the help of a cover that conceals the bottom of the zipper. The sleeves are adjustable, giving you the option of folding down the cuffs to give your hands some extra protection from the cold and wet. If you don't need this, you can simply leave the sleeves in the "start-up" position, i.e. unfolded and fastened with buttons.

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Thermal skirt

Perhaps what Uhip is best known for is the design-protected thermal skirt, launched as a brand new functional garment for riding in autumn 2011. Uhip's thermal skirt has been dubbed a "riding skirt" by riders, but it's also unique for cyclists or women who want to be able to move freely while staying warm.

A thermal skirt is suitable for those who often freeze around the rear and thighs but don't feel comfortable in longer jackets. The Uhip riding skirt will keep you warm, allow you full freedom of movement, and is easy to take on and off, even in the saddle.