The Uhip way to stay warm and dry

Two piece system

Two piece system
Do you want the features and the benefits of a long coat, but at the same time the flexibility to use your Uhip jacket or skirt with other garments or on its own? Then this solution is perfect for you!

We have both riding jackets and riding skirts that match each other and look like a feminine but sporty "two-piece coat" as well as just skirts in basic colours that match any jacket. And of course, our jackets and skirts have the same features as our popular riding coats.

The skirt, like the long coat, reaches down over your thighs and knees to keep you warm when you are in the saddle.


Our customers like the flexibility of being able to wear one piece at a time. For example, wearing the skirt whilst mucking the stables, or wearing both pieces when warming up on your horse and then taking the skirt off as your tempo increases during training.

The Uhip collection offers a range of jackets and skirts with varied amounts of insulation which include shell layers providing the perfect protection from the rain, wind, and dirt.