Kids & junior

Uhip's junior collection - outdoor clothes for the young riders

The junior collection includes thermal skirt, jacket and the longer jacket that cover the thighs so you'll stay warm. The junior collection has similar functionality, fabric and material as the rest of our collections. The kid selection provides winter and autumn jackets, skirts and longjackets that cover the tighs. The clothing are perfect for any outdoor activity, either if it's riding horses, spending time in the stable or something else.

Two different lines
Uhip's kids and junior collection includes the classic Arctic Sport line and in autumn 2018 the Ice line was added in the collection. The differences between the lines are mainly that the Ice line has a little bit more insulation and stands rain a little better.


Kids: 100- 140 cm
Junior: 150 -160 cm

Psst.. did you know that we have some clothes in size 32 that often fit the little bit older children?

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