Our sustainability view and how it affects Uhip’s Black Friday

Uhip loves to make functional garments for you as a rider and for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. We choose materials with great care so that you can wear them many days a week for several years.

We take care of the environment and see that you will be able to live with your Uhip garment for many years.  We prioritize long-lasting materials, and when you need to replace your old garment, you can send it to as in exchange to contribute to reduced consumption. Profit for you, profit for us, and above all, profit for the environment.

Most of us know that a lot of the consumption that takes place right now harms our environment. The consumption society we live in today encourages all of us to consume a lot at low prices, and this is not of benefit for a sustainable future. We are therefore cautious with Black Friday and will limit our offers to Friday's 24h and only our black range.

We call the day Black is Black.

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