Thermal skirt Alaska Navy

    Thermal skirt Alaska is a riding skirt in outdoor material with down-like filling and zippers at front and back which provides outstanding performance and mobility when riding.



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    A lightweight riding skirt with zippers at front and back enabling you to stay warm both in the stable and in the saddle.

    In the saddle you simply unzip the zippers both at back and front and let the skirt sides provide just the warmth you need.

    About the family Alaska

    The garments in our Alaska family are perceived extremely comfortable to wear, regardless if it’s the coat or the jacket in combination with the thermal skirt. Particular Alaska is manufactured with light and soft material for those of you with high demands. They are also neat with a close to body fit in its’ shape.

    n the family Alaska we have a long riding coat, a shorter riding coat (parka) and a matching riding jacket plus a thermal skirt.

    Alaska is for those who

    Alaska is lightweight and soft and will provide you warmth without bulk and give you the freedom of movement you need at your activity.

    About the sizes

    The garments in the Alaska family are normal in their sizes. The skirt is designed to wear on top of a pair of pants/breaches. Do not choose a size that is too small, it’s important for the functionality that you have a bit of air between your pants and the skirt.

    The length of the thermal skirt is reaching down to just under your knees (depending on your length). In size 38 length at the front is :69 cm

    About the colour

    Classic navy blue with a tone of petrol.

    Product function

    • Two-way full length zip at front. Dividable at top for easy on and off
    • Back slot with long zipper
    • Waist adjustment with velcro and plastic strap
    • Internal elastic at back of waistband for perfect fit
    • Two zippered hand pockets
    • Uhip’s elastic leg straps to attach around thigh
    • Reflective piping at sides and reflective print at front bottom hem

    Product Care

    • Gentle wash at 30 degrees C
    • Do not Iron
    • Wash with similar colors
    • No dry cleaning
    • Use mild detergent
    • Do not use softener
    • Close all zippers before wash
    • Do not tumble dry
    • Hang dry
    • Do not Bleach

    Care instructions

    • Two-Way Open Zipper
      • When closing
        • Pull the upper slider down, until it touches the bottom slider.
        • Insert the separable pin to the very bottom of the bottom slider. (Incomplete insertion may cause problems.)
        • Pull the upper slider up with your hand.
      • When opening
        • Pull the slider down completely, until it touches the bottom slider.
        • Gently pull out the separable pin with your hand.


    • Buttons
      The push buttons are designed to fulfill the garments functionality. We recommend you to unbutton with care and avoid ripping them apart.

    Product Material

    Alaska has carefully selected materials to keep you warm all day long.

    The insulation
    The insulation consist of synthetic down, very similar to down in both hand feel and warming properties. It is recycled, has good breathable features, keeps you warm even in moist conditions and dries in no time. Put it on top of a wool base layer, and you stay warm and cozy. The quality and the amount of insulation in our Alaska family provides the garment with good warming properties.

    The shell fabric
    The shell fabric is light weight and very soft and give you a garment that provides for comfort and mobility. A flourocarbon free DWR-impregnation provides a certain resistant to down fall.


    Outer Fabric
    100% Nylon, FullDull Ripstop 20D*20D 400T


    Lining Fabric
    100% Polyester, Taffeta 30D, Embossed + Cire

    100% Polyester (recycled) Oat Embossed + CireDownlike filling



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