365 days a year

May we present the 365 family. Named after the number of days of the year given the usability of the garments. Lightweight jackets and vests with the perfect amount of insulation for year-round use.

The family 365 consists of riding jackets and riding vests, designed to be used during all 365 days of the year. Lightweight garments are as suitable as outerwear at spring, summer and autumn temperatures as a warming mid layer during the cold days of winter.


We asked Ulrika Falkman, founder and CEO, some quick questions.

When did the first 365 jacket see the light? When was the vest added to the collection?
The first 365 riding jacket was launched in spring 2016 in a colourful edition of orange, "Hubba bubba" pink and beige. The vest came the same year in navy blue.

What was the background to the idea of the 365 garments?
The idea was a jacket that you could wear in spring, summer, autumn and winter where you only add a shell jacket on top if necessary or good wool underwear in colder weather. Kind of like you think in the ski world. That´s why I named it 365.

365 Jacket 2016
365 Jacket 2016
365 Jacket 2017
365 Jacket 2017
365 Jacket 2018
365 Jacket 2018
365 Jacket 2019
365 Jacket 2019

What has improved/changed with the "365" over the years?
Since the launch in 2016, both fit, quality and materials have been significantly improved. It breathes better, has a lighter and more comfortable feel and has a couple of features that make it easier and more comfortable to wear it. It has also got "siblings" and "cousins" in matching colours in the family 365 Hybrid. Also, these vests and 2nd Layer jackets are year-round garments.

What is your favourite colour of all time?
Wow, what a difficult question, I love all the colours. One of the challenges in this job is that we place the order of next year's collection about a year before we can launch it.  So once the collection gets to Sweden from our factories we have already started with next year's colours. This means that I never have time to enjoy the colours of the individual season in peace and quiet 🙂 But I like wearing the Urban Chick Green colour and I think this year's petrol (Green Blue Slate) is super cool.

365 Mid Layer Jacket Urban Chick Green
365 Mid Layer Jacket Urban Chick Green
365 Mid Layer Jacket Green Blue Slate
365 Mid Layer Jacket Green Blue Slate

Renewable material

We have chosen to use insulation from Dupont™ called Sorona® in our 365 garments. Dupont's Sorona is a renewable material that is 37% extracted from the plant kingdom instead of being completely petroleum-based as other nylon and polyester. The production also uses 30% less energy than regular nylon and emits 63% fewer greenhouse gases. Dupont™ is the 2015 Bio Business award winner for its groundbreaking biotechnology.

The reasons why we use the synthetic duet Sorona® are many and here are some of them:

  • Comfort in any climate
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Exceptional resistance to heat loss with the added benefit of breathability
  • Maintains its shape and loft wash after wash
  • Supreme softness

Some of the features of the jackets and vests of the 365 family are:

  1. Zip at the front with a chin cover and around the zipper housing at the bottom to avoid chafing against the saddle
  2. Warming cuffs with a hole for the thumb (jacket)
  3. Detachable hood, fastened with snap fasteners (jacket)
  4. High, warming collar
  5. Zipper guard for chin
  6. Two zippered pockets
  7. Chest pocket with zipper
  8. Elastic band at bottom and hood

Mix and match

The riding jackets and vests can be mixed and matched with each other or with one of our other families. Wear a 365 jacket or vest as a warming mid layer under a trench of the same colour or mix the colours! The options for wearing Uhip's riding jackets and riding vests from the 365 family are endless.


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