Parka Alaska Wren


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    A feminine-shaped riding parka manufactured with carefully chosen material providing superb thermal properties, equal the thermal properties a down coat is providing. The Alaska riding parka is lightweight and soft and for those that request maximum warmth without sacrificing the freedom of movement.

    The parka has a two-way front zipper and a high slot at the back that makes sure that you can do what you love the most outdoors in wintertime. The length is 15 cm shorter than the coat in the same Alaska family.

    About the family Alaska

    The garments in our Alaska family are perceived extremely comfortable to wear, regardless if it’s the coat or the jacket in combination with the thermal skirt. Particular Alaska is manufactured with light and soft material for those of you with high demands. They are also neat with a close to body fit in its’ shape.

    n the family Alaska we have a long coat, a shorter coat (parka) and a matching jacket plus a thermal skirt.

    Why our family Alaska

    Alaska is lightweight and soft and will provide you warmth without bulk and give you the freedom of movement you need at your activity. br/>

    About the sizes

    The garments in the Alaska family are normal in their sizes but even though they have a female fit they are designed for wearing a middle layer underneath. Do not choose a size that is too small, it’s important for the functionality that you have a bit of air between your mid layer and outer layer.