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Our jackets are designed to fit for optimum movement which is important for all kinds of outdoor activities. We make an effort into combining mobility with design and feminine design.

Our jackets are for those of you who wants

  • To enjoy your daily activities
  • To feel freedom in movement without restrictions
  • Wants a good looking and feminine design

Choice of material

We have carefully chosen material that suits your activity. Our products are made for a person who enjoys the outdoors and who wants to be equipped for changeable weather. Apart from resisting rain they also are designed to accomodate all kinds of movement.

If you are looking for clothes for a more high intensive activity you should choose any of our more breathable jackets, like our hybrid jackets.

The linings in our jackets are made of a synthetic down and are designed to breath. They will withstand moisture, retain the warmth and dry in no time.

ctn300_350_7599_-21_2__Kappa Coat arctic sport armending


Zippers in front and back

When you are cold or wet, you can neither enjoy your activity nor perform at your best. Our thermal skirt has zippers in the front and in the back and the skirt sides protect your thighs from rain, cold, wind and dirt. Adjust the zippers based on what your activity demands.

In the back you can unzip the skirt fully and let the sides keep you warm and dry during your activity.


Adjustable Waist

The waist is adjustable with Velcro details and has two pockets with zippers.



Alaska Blue parca riding navy
ctn300_350_7599_-21_2__Kappa Coat arctic sport armending
ctn300_350_7450_-30_0__Kappa Coat arctic sport legstring detail

Smart arm sleeves

Our coats and jackets have special details to protect your hands, during outdoor activities such as bicycling, riding or walking the dog. When you need, you unfold the sleeves and create an extra “glove”. In a flash, you can perform at your best thanks to warm hands and fingers.

High slot in the back

We have designed the coat with a high slot and pushdown buttons. You can adjust how much freedom you need depending what you are doing. When being horseback, you can open up the back completely which makes the coat spread out on the horses lower back.

Elastic leg straps

On the inside of the coat you will find elastic leg straps, which you attach around your thighs.


The coat has a two way zipper to enable you to adjust based on your needs when being in the saddle, riding your bike, need movement or feel too warm.


Our jackets have a hood that you can pull over your head (even over a helmet) during harsh weather. It is removable with pushbuttons.

Customer thoughts about our clothes

Technical functions

Finally I have equestrian garments with thought through design based on what riders need during rainy/snowy days. Uhip is my clear number one choice in the stable and and on daily basis.

~ Anna

I used my Uhip summerjacket during a long horse back riding week at Island, during all kinds of weather conditions. The jacket was great and sustained the weather greatly. In addition – great service in the shop in Täby. I like all my 3 Uhip jacket and 2 skirts!

~ Sabina

Nice clothes, sustainable and easy to maintain. Veeery cozy and soft stuff, I hope they will come up with a pyjamas soon…

~ Maud

I bought the long coat in Falsterbo last Friday. Went out for a rid with only the “cover jacket”. I’m super happy, I was warm and totally dry. I don’t know why I hesitated. Thanks a lot for all the help and persuasion I’ve got from the ladies in the stand.

~ Anna

I have earlier purchased a coat, jacket and skirt I recently also bought a spring jacket. I have a totally new wardrobe of outdoor clothes! Good quality, great fit and in addition superfast delivery. (ordered yesterday and got the package today).

~ My