Uhip's autumn and winter collection AW21 is here. We hope you love it as much as we do. Curious about how the collection came about, what thoughts and ideas are behind it? Go behind the scenes with Ulrika and Elin.

Ulrika Falkman founded Uhip in 2011 and is the company's CEO. Product developer Elin Westergård is Ulrika's team mate behind every new product that Uhip launches. The interaction between them is based on developing new functional and durable clothes for the environmentally conscious customer who wants to avoid the cold, rain and damp.


For starters, do you like the AW21?


"I am very happy and very proud of the new styles in the AW21 collection, and I look with great excitement at how they are received. We have a new collection that we call 365+ where the idea is to attract interest from the younger audience. Urban Stretch is also a new product that appeals to those who like a more stylish design. I hope it's a success.


"I am proud of the collection and very happy with the environmental aspects we have managed to bring forward. The common trend shows that we are going in the right direction.  This aspect is extremely important to Uhip.


What key thoughts and ideas were in focus when developing AW21?


"We are continuously working on environmental aspects, and with the AW20/21 collection, we focused on getting even further ahead in our already ongoing environmental work and at the same time offering news. We want to offer sustainable products with a long life. A product that lasts a long time and that you do not want or need to replace, is important not least from an environmental point of view.  The environmental mindset goes to all stages and nowadays we use recycled polyester in all feed fabrics and all insulations are made of wool or of recyclable/ recycled synthetic fibers. We have always used an environmentally friendly impregnation for our garments. One of the innovations is the Urban Stretch family which is minimalist and combined with Uhip's feminine style.



"We have created a clearer division in this year's winter collection which was partly due to the conditions last winter, when the weather changed very much. That's why we have made our warmest collection even warmer, and the cooler collection even cooler. If you feel the cold very easily, you should choose the warmest. If you live in Stockholm or Southern Sweden where temperatures rarely go below zero, the new Urban Stretch fits perfectly. It does not have a lot of insulation but is very water resistant. We also have a new year-round series in the Regular Sport family that has an attachable liner.  This means that you are well equipped for both the cold and bad weather. This idea also came last winter when we decided to alter an existing product to fit all year round.


It must have been quick jerks considering how tight the schedule is between two collections?


- Yes, right now I'm busy with next summer's collection and winter 2022! From start to finish, it normally takes about 1.5 years to go from prototype, to a product in our stock.  Because Elin is so good at getting the drawings done quickly , the factories have our styles "in the works" and are quickly ready to manufacture.  This is how we have succeeded! . Also, the fact that we are a small organisation means that we do not have to pull everything to the fore.


If I want a durable wardrobe, is Uhip something for me?


- Absolutely. Our material choices are environmentally friendly and we are continuously working to improve on this. We review the entire chain, and work hard to ensure that the products are brought home in an environmentally conscious way. Above all, uhip is about timeless garments that are made to last a long time. It is one of our strongest environmental aspects.


- Absolutely. We are clear about our environmental ambition and describe the current state of our initiatives in each individual product. We use recycled polyester throughout the collection and in November we are launching a new collection, Nordic Eco, with only recycled materials used in the outer fabric, lining fabric and insulation. It will be really warm and cozy.