The phone is ringing. It's my sister, and I can only imagine what she wants..
- Hi there!
- You know you can't borrow that without asking me first!!
- Take it easy, I was just borrowing it quickly to run down to the shop.
- But I need it now! Ugh, I'm so sick of you!
- Why don't you just wear your warm Uhip coat? You're going to the stables where it's really cold!
- I'm having a riding lesson and I need to wear the wool coat underneath my winter coat. I like to take it off and continue to ride in my wool liner after I'm warmed up.
- Can't you just take another warm sweater?
- Noo! I want my wool coat. It's thin and flexible and gives me just the warmth I need for a riding session inside the indoor arena. 


Feminine fit with stretch-fabric on the sides. Liner Coat in Zinfandel.

- Mom has one as well. Why don't you borrow hers?
- She's going to a hockey game with our brother. You know how much she's freezing standing still in the hockey arena. She needs an extra warming midlayer.

I get quiet.

- You know I can sweat a lot when I'm riding an intense training session, she continues. That coat YOU ARE WEARING has amazing breathability and doesn't smell. I can only use that one!
- Listen, bring one of your other thinner riding coats, and get changed when your outer coat gets too warm.


Amazingly flexible and gives maximum freedom of movement. Liner Jacket in Stellar Blue.

- No, that is not an option! If it gets sweaty It might start to smell and then I have to wash it. It's unfortunate having to wash an outer garment because it smells bad and not because it's dirty. I barely need to wash my wool liner, I let it hang outside on airing after I've used it. You care about climate change right? It's not eco-friendly to wash it after every use.

I realize that I'm not going to win this discussion.

- Oh well. I'll hurry up and get home quickly.


The benefits of wool like ripstop nylon panels and unbeatable breathability makes our liners perfect as a training jacket.

A few weeks later it's Christmas. The rhyme on one of my Christmas gifts says;

Soft, flexible, and light,
this one always fits right.
Siblings should always share,
but now you have your own to wear.


Perfect as a warming midlayer. Prolong the season and extend the usability for your outer garments. Here's a Coat Urban Stretch with a Liner.


Mix and match with colours to create a nice riding outfit. Jacket Urban Stretch in Graphite with Liner Jacket Stellar Blue.

Made to match Regular Sport Coat

The long coat in the Liner family has features to be able to be attached in our coat Regular Sport. In that way, Uhip's 3in1 coat is created. Possible to be worn in three ways: on their own or together - three pieces of clothing in one.

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