The idea behind the Functional Pants

When my horse got sick, I went a lot to the stable without riding. I was wearing a pair of functional pants from a well-known outdoor brand that I didn’t really liked to wear because of the firm fabric. Some days I would try to ride and would have liked to be able to sit up comfortably without putting on the riding pants just for it. That’s when the idea of the Uhip Functional Stable Pants came to me.

After a couple of turns with samples from the factory, my co-worker Elin and I have got to the point when we were happy with the outcome. Model, size and not least the material that’s carefully selected to be right for the life in the stable. The popular stable pants are available in a version for the warmer part of the year and now finally another version for the colder part of the year.


What our customers says

"I bought the functional pants by UHIP, they are just perfect, comfortable, smart, stretchy. They seem to resist dirt, I have worn mine everyday since they arrived, sometimes all day. They wash nicely and dry quickly. Need a second pair now so I am never ever without them."
- Sue T


The pants are made with pockets, both without and with zippers, they are adjustable at bottom and are made in a fabric that is stretchy for the best freedom of movement. The winter pants are a little thicker and the inside is nice and smooth and the also have fluorine carbon-free, DWR-treated outer material that provides good protection from moisture, dirt and wind.


To sit comfortably in the saddle, they are made with "a seat" just like riding pants, i.e. no seam that irritates when you’re on the horseback. The pants are slightly higher in the back for best fit. The pants have a straight fit and are great for both guys/men and girls/women.

This winter we offer the stable pants in the green color Urban chick, in a bright navy blue color and in black. Order your color, try your pants and we think you will think them as beautiful as we are!