Uhip is passionate about those who face daily weather challenges and live an active life with horses and dogs. Our guiding principle is to create clothes made of functional materials, with smart features and with stylish design so that you can do what you love with style.

It all started with Ulrika Falkman. Ulrika from Näsby Park founded Uhip in 2011 and it is her first name initial that is the U in Uhip. Ulrika is driven by making difficult things simple and her brain works much like a popcorn machine: high activity with a constant stream of new ideas. It started with the skirt and the unique solution with a front and back zip. Since then, it has continued with new smart and functional clothes that have made everyday life and rides smoother and more stylish for Uhip's customers.

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When Ulrika needs to go from idea to action, Elin Westergård comes into the picture. Together, Ulrika and Elin form a dynamic duo who love to bounce ideas off each other and take them to the production table, where Elin is at home. Their differences make them an unbeatable team. Where Ulrika wants to go fast, Elin is the one who objects, slows down and asks "should we really?". Then they "nag" on, turning over different options, sending out samples and testing until they are completely satisfied. Each product has to pass Ulrika and Elin's finely tuned requirements filter before it can be labelled with an Uhiplogue. Once it does - well, we go all in.

The next link in the chain is Martina Rosendahl, our web and IT manager. She ensures that the products are available in webshops and other digital channels when they arrive at our warehouse in Täby. Martina works to ensure that you get the best user experience on all our websites and that Uhip's sites are always kept up-to-date and fresh. At the time of writing, Martina's focus is that you as a customer will have a surprising shopping experience when the winter collection is released this autumn...

When the product is launched, Linda Janke takes the lead role. Linda is our latest addition and Uhip's Marketing Manager. She ensures that our stylish and smart clothes are exposed in the best possible way in different channels, such as on Instagram and Facebook accounts, through partners and team riders, as well as digital and print ads. Linda is a dedicated horse person filled with joy, energy and enthusiasm. She is an expert on Icelandic horses with a great commitment.

Uhip's fantastic marketing assistant Alice Mattsson helps Linda and Martina. She is a warm and happy horse girl who is also a star at photographing and managing images. Alice has a finger in most things that happen on our digital platforms and sets up marketing strategies together with Linda, and assists Martina with web publishing.

Anna Ellmarker is based in Gothenburg and has a keen eye for everything to do with sales and business development. Anna manages the contacts with Uhip's retailers around Sweden and the rest of the world. Anna sees opportunities where others see problems and loves being close to her customers, asking questions and getting feedback to make Uhip even better.

When you, dear customer, order a product from us, Sara Sjöstedt is there to take care of your order and ensure it is packed as quickly as possible. Sara ensures the delivery is sent and you can collect your parcel as soon as possible. She also ensures that the warehouse is organised and tidy. Like many others in the Uhip crew, Sara is a dedicated horse person.

Need help with your order? Have a question about your order? Did the jacket not fit? Whatever your question, our wonderful Maria is here to help. Maria is responsible for customer service, and when you contact us or register a case, she does everything to ensure you remain a satisfied customer.


Thank you for your time - remember that the summer is short, but don't forget to enjoy it!

With warm greetings from the Uhip Crew.

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