Uhip loves wool

We love wool. For us, it has been given to choose wool for our base layer and some of the mid layer products.

Uhip loves wool

We love wool. For us, it has been given to choose wool for our base layer and some of the mid layer products.

Wool is one of our finest natural materials with properties that make it unique among other textiles. Wool has the ability to regulate body temperature; it warms up when it is cold and cools down when it is warm. In addition, wool is a self-cleaning material, bactericidal and it is completely natural.



Want to take advantage of nature's own magic? Choose wool. Here we list five things that make the wool unbeatable.

1. Wool is temperature regulating

Hot or cold outside? Does not matter. If you choose a wool sweater, you have chosen the right whatever temperature. The wool fibre can absorb moisture equivalent to 30 % of its dry weight and make you not feel wet as the plus degrees rise. At the same time, it is soft against the skin and keeps you warm if it should freeze.

2. Wool is self-cleaning

The wool fat called lanolin helps the wool to clean itself. Lanolin is also partially water repellent, which also means you don't have to wash a wool sweater so often.

3. Wool is odour repellent

With wool in the sweater, you do not have to worry about inconveniences such as odour or other odours. The self-cleaning lanolin is also bactericidal, allowing the skin to breathe and rarely smell sweat after use.

4. Wool is natural

Sheep need to be cut, preferably several times a year. The wool they offer means that you can have it warm and comfortable when you are out walking or doing any other activity, wearing a wool sweater. Wool is a natural material and therefore 100 % degradable. Wool is not recycling. Wool is wool. Always natural.

5. Wool is difficult to ignite

Should the accident occur, if the flame from a candle or a marshal happens to come into contact with your woollen clothes, you can feel safe. Unlike many other clothing materials, the wool has a natural flame retardant and is therefore highly flammable.

Care and wash your wool

Wool contains keratin which breaks down bacteria that cause bad odor, and the wool's repellent properties prevent bacteria from developing. If a woolen garment starts to smell, it is enough to hang the garment on the air for a while.

Wool must be washed gently - at low temperature and with suitable (mild) detergent. When wool is washed with ordinary detergent, the natural wool fat lanolin breaks down and the wool fiber is weakened and dried out.

If you wash your woolen garment by hand, it is important not to leave the garment in water for too long and never wring water out of a woolen garment as it will damage the woolen fiber.

The wool fiber remembers its latest wet condition. Therefore, it is grateful to shape the woolen garment when wet; Pull and stretch gently to form the garment in a wet state.