Wool is one of the finest natural materials, with properties that make it unique among other textiles. Wool has a special ability to regulate body temperature; it warms when it is cold and cools when it is hot. In addition, wool is a self-purifying material (does not need to be washed as often as other materials), antibacterial and it is completely natural.

Wool is a renewable resource because sheep can be sheared over and over again – in fact several times a year. In addition, wool is biodegradable and recyclable, provided that it is not mixed with synthetic fibre.


We are careful about the origin of merino wool and want to feel confident that the sheep that produce the wool used in our clothes are treated well. At Uhip, we strongly dissociate ourselves from mulesing, a painful procedure that aims to prevent parasites from entering the skin of merino-ulcers. The method is used in Australia. Our garments which are made from merino wool, are produced in Europe by companies that buy wool from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, and South Africa. These countries do not practice mulesing.

We guarantee that our garments consist of 100% certified mulesing-free merino wool.


Five benefits of wool

Do you want to take advantage of nature's own magic? Choose wool!  Here is a list of five things that make wool unbeatable.

1. Wool is a heat regulator
Hot or cold outside? Doesn't matter. If you choose a wool sweater, you have chosen wisely, regardless of the temperature. The wool fiber can soak up moisture equivalent to 30 percent of its dry weight and makes you feel cool when the temperature rises.  At the same time, it is soft on the skin and keeps you warm when the temperature drops.

2. Wool is self-cleaning
The grease from wool is called lanolin and helps the wool to clean itself. Lanolin is also partially water repellent, which means that you don't have to wash a wool sweater very often.

3. Wool is odour resistant
Wool garments are naturally odour resistant, so when wearing your woolen shirt, you won`t have to worry about being inconvenienced by unpleasant smells.  The self-cleaning lanoline is also naturally antibacterial and allows your skin to breathe.

4. Wool is natural
Sheep need to be sheared, preferably several times a year.  Wearing a sweater made from sheep's wool is wonderful when you are out and about, whatever activity you are doing. Wool is a natural material and is therefore 100% biodegradable. Wool is the most reusable fibre on the planet. Wool is wool. Always natural.

5. Wool is inflammable
If an accident occurs, for example, a candle flame happens to come into contact with your woolen clothes, you can feel safe. Unlike many other clothing materials, wool is naturally flame resistant and it is therefore more difficult to ignite.

Caring for, and washing your wool garment

Wool contains keratin which breaks down the bacteria that causes bad odours, and the water-repellent properties of wool prevent bacteria from developing. If a wool garment starts to smell, you can simply hang it out to air.

Wool must be washed gently – at a low temperature, and with suitable (mild) detergent. When wool is washed with ordinary detergent, the natural wool fat lanolin is broken down so the wool fibre weakens and dries out.

If you wash your wool garment by hand, it is important not to leave the garment in water for too long.  Never wring the water out of wool as it damages the fibres.

Gently pull and stretch your garment into shape when it is wet.  The wool fibres will then dry retaining that shape.