Riding tights

Uhip has a range of comfortable and flexible tights to choose from, all with slightly different qualities and features. We'll try to guide you so that you can order the ones that suit you best. All the tights feature four-way stretch so they are incredibly comfortable to wear. Regardless of which tights you choose, they will soon be an indispensable favourite addition to your wardrobe.

Riding Tights 528 Brown Khaki Blue.jpg

Riding Tights 528 Raisin Brown, Vintage Khaki, Stormy Sea Blue

Riding tights 528

If you like slightly higher waisted riding tights, you should check out our 528. They also have spacious pockets on both thighs, without zips, which are perfectly placed for the best comfort fit and easy access when you want to bring your mobile phone with you on your ride or to the stable. These tights are fully cushioned with silicone U-print for good stability in the saddle. (Also available in junior sizes.)

Riding Tights 528 Graphite Funktion Mobil 2.jpg

Riding Tight 528 Blue Graphite

Riding tights 528 Graphite (2).jpg

Riding Tight 528 Blue Graphite


Riding tights 501 Uhip Navy

Riding tights 501

Another alternative is our 501, which has a slightly lower waist than the 528. They have two pockets with a zip on the front and two slightly smaller mobile phone pockets on the waistband on the inside of the trousers. The brown and khaki tights have silicone U-print and if you choose navy or graphite, the print is smaller dots that have a slightly lighter grip. (Also available in junior sizes.)


Riding Tights 501 Vintage Khaki


Riding Tights 501 Vintage Khaki


Riding Tights 501 Vintage Khaki

Casual Tights Funktion Mobil Hund.jpg

Riding Tights 529 Blue Graphite

Riding Tights 529

If you're looking for a pair of tights without silicone print, you should choose our Riding Tights 529 made of functional material. They have exactly the same properties as the above 528 but without shoeing. Our popular and comfortable Riding Tights 529 work perfectly in many different contexts such as in the stable, during the riding session and at the gym. 


Riding Tights 517 Blue Graphite

Riding Tights 517

If you need warmer tights during the colder months of the year, our Riding Tights 517 are a good choice. These tights have slightly thicker fabric and a brushed inside that warms your legs during cold days. Our Riding Tights 517 are available with half stirrups and have a high waist and practical pockets on the thighs with zips.


Riding Tights 517 Stormy Weather Blue


Riding Tights 517 Stormy Weather Blue


Riding Tights 517 Stormy Weather Blue