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Think about your safety in the darkness

Time to think about your safety while riding out in the evening!

For those of you who ride out in the dark (and honestly, its most of us, as here in Sweden in November is getting dark by 4 afternoons!!), its good to know how to stay safe!

We all know 'must&dont' clothing while riding out. However, it is even more important to follow safety rules in the darker and gloomier weather, so we are easier to see for oncoming traffic.

Did you know?

Drivers first see pedestrians wearing:

  • Blue at around 15 meters
  • Red at about 24 meters
  • Yellow at about 40 meters
  • White at about 54 meters

But it takes almost 79 meters for a vehicle going 60 mph to completely stop.

So, as the well-known saying goes, better safe than sorry.

Wear clothes with light-reflective details yourself and light-reflective or fluorescent gear for your horse too.

Our Junior, Ice and Arctic Sports lines provide designed with light-reflecting details, front and back, and on both sides.

So, keep that in mind while choosing the model for you!

Examples of the reflective details

Reflective print on sleeve

Reflective print on upper back

Reflective print on hood and back slot

Reflex on chest and sleeve

Reflective pipings along sides and reflective print at bottom hem

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