Under the helmet of Eva

You might know Shilas (yes, he has his own Instagram page @shilasthehaflinger welcome to follow!) But you might miss out Eva's story and we believe it’s fascinating! And there no one to tell it better than she is, so lets us introduce you Eva Roemaat and welcome her to the Uhip team 🙂

My name is Eva Roemaat.
I am a 27-year-old horse trainer based in the Netherlands. I have lived here all my life and even though winters here are not as bad as Scandinavia, Uhip is still a welcome addition to my wardrobe - I'll tell you more about that later.

I am the proud owner of four horses: Haflinger Shilas, shetland Flip, black forest horse Rede and Lusitano stallion Que-Habil. And to think we started with just one horse... oops!

My passion is working with horses from the ground, in the saddle and mostly focused on trick training and natural dressage. I hear you thinking; what exactly is that last subject you mentioned? Trick training? Natural Dressage?

Well... It is teaching your horse to frame himself like you would see with dressage, only without any tack. So pure understanding and collaboration with no extra aid used! It is truly amazing! I have been doing this since I was 15, so, that is quite a long time looking back at it. My horses enjoy it, I enjoy it, what more should I ask for?


So, I share my home with my horses. Yes, our horses literally live IN our house. How, you might ask? Well, the stables are connected to my parents’ bedroom, it is all in the same building, and my living room (I live upstairs) is right above my horses. It's crazy, but I can just hear them eating when I am doing my computer work. When I am not out giving lessons, I am enjoying spending my time here in the little paradise I call home.

Now, summer is all fun and games. But when autumn and winter kick in... Listen, I might not live in Scandinavia and I might not have a right to talk about 'a cold day', but temperatures sure can drop here! (at least, I think so). And that is where Uhip comes in.

I feel warm and cozy all day outdoors with temperature below 0!!! That instantly tells you how insanely warm the products are.

And besides the fact that jackets, coats, skirts and so on are really, really warm and comfortable, they are also beautiful to look at.

Honestly, usually, when I wear a longer (trench)coat I look like a pole: no shape, nothing feminine about that. Just practical.

But Uhip managed to combine all the things you need in a winter-coat: It is warm, fashionable, comfortable and you have many options to choose from! And I am not even talking about the range of colors... You have to check it yourself!

To recap my story:
I am beyond happy to be working together with Uhip. I am being kept warm whilst playing and working with my horses. And, looking fancy as I do it. Which is, well... Kind of unique for us horse girls? Usually being covered in mud, straw, hay - but even then Uhip keeps looking fabulous!

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