Under the helmet on Cecilie


Martina at Uhip got in touch with me, and asked if I could write a few words about my experience with their clothing. What a treat! That’s what horsey people are all about. Helping each other out.

Before I discovered Uhip, I went for items designed for mountain skiing, as items with a hood that fits over a helmet, is a must have. I have tried most brands under the sun. The problem is, they are not made to last. Not for professional use, anyway. So, set out to find equestrian clothing. Finding clothing that actually works is time consuming and very expensive.


Starting with a riding skirt, since I am fed up with my really big, lumpy, slippery snowboard pants. Kept feeding Google until I got a match. The lady commenting on Uhip's skirt was impressed with the number of details that had gone into making a functional, warm, easy to use, good quality, warm, really warm, riding skirt, that worked just as well around the yard as on board a horse.

She mentioned the color, the brand, Uhip, so it was quite easy to find uhipwear.com.

I was still skeptical, but the description of the items seemed genuine, so decided to give it a go. Thanks to DHL Norway being useless, it took quite a while, before it arrived, but finally it came. Brought it to the yard the very next day. My thighs where warm 😳😶. The weather was best spent indoors in front of the fireplace.

Ice skirt from Uhip was actually working.

The rest is history.

I bought my first Uhip skirt last christmas and during these few months until now I have:

  • The Ice family long winter coat
  • The hybrid mid layer jacket
  • The bodywarmer (new this season)
  • The riding tights

I am in love 😍!

The description of the items are correct. The sizing is made for normal women, not a tiny professional model. The materials do keep what it’s intended for. There are a few bits and bobs, but nothing that really matters.

At present I am saving up to buy the long Trench coat, with a liner.


Best regards

Cecilie Røsjø, Norway


Who am I?

I will try to make the personal introduction short and sweet.

My mother will never forget the time I crawled under the fence at our local riding school to say hello to a foal. She tried to stop me by saying: “ Cecilie, the mother might bite you to protect her baby”. My answer was: “ Nope. Not me”. I can only imagine her relief when all went well. My age? I was 3 and 1/2.

Since then, it’s been horses 26/7, not 24/7 😅.

My father signed a huge emergency insurance policy for me at the age of 13 or 14. I had just been at the racetrack in Oslo, and bought an American TB racehorse. Mind you, he was a stallion, 6 years old and still in full training. Bless my father for not scaring his children- ever- with domed day chit chat about what could go wrong. He believed in learning by doing.

Mind you, when I grew up with horses, we where taught “horse” . We are now talking early 1970, I was 6. Tried getting in a year earlier, but was told to come back when I was eight. No deal. Wiggled my way in by letting my big sister sign me up for lessons 🙃, and by the time I was eight, I was part of the inventory at our local riding school.

The system was: Work hard, earn our trust, and you will be given responsibility matching your horsey qualifications, taught by the best in the business. If you at any given time, hurt a horse, deliberately. You are out. Permanently. If you make a honest mistake, ask a grown up for help, learn from it and move on. It was like a step ladder, and taught me everything I needed to know to make it in this business for 35+ years, and still doing it.

I have been there and done that. Strømsholm, UK, NZ, France, travelling groom, the whole Chabang.

Quite early on, I had to make up my mind if I wanted to aim for the front row of Showjumping, or, taking care of the horses behind the scene and at the same time, be able to teach new generations of horsey people, horse. To honor the dedication others made towards us kids.

I chose behind the scene. For the welfare of the horses, and the possibility to teach. I also lacked the funding-big time 🤓 - to really make it into the big league of the horse world. Coming from a non horsey working class, very supportive, family.

So, at the age of 51, I made an attempt to quit the business. Moved to Bodø, Norway, above the Arctic Circle. That did last approx 12 months 😂😋.

So, now I am back where I belong. At a small local riding school, called Stall Elverøy, located at a place called Valnesfjord, teaching. And boy it’s cold! (Please use Google Maps to find our location).


PS. Going to a show during winter? Combine the skirt with the long winter coat - Enjoy 😊. No more frozen thighs. I do it all the time when teaching in those freezing indoor schools.

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