Up hill, down hill

Iontex jacket and riding tights
Stockholm Dressage Academy, wearing riding tights & Iontex jacket

Time to prepare your horse for an upcoming competition? Or maybe you start working on Passage and Piaffe? Summer is a perfect time for exploring outdoor riding possibilities.

Slow canter uphill will help your horse with balance and proper hind legs workout. And extended canter on broad straight lines, will help your horse lungs work correctly, right breathing is very important for muscles to get enough oxygen. And its super fun!

While trotting and walking on different terrain can help your horse find a natural balance in its movement.

The base of proper movement is balance and strength, you can train both without forcing your horse into it.

Also its a great way to exercise your own balance in a controlled yet unexpected way.

Natural excitement of horse riding outdoors will give this little extra energy and positive experience with learning new tasks for both of you.

Of course, your job to not disturb horse during that process, good balance, relaxed legs, and proper seat will help you to achieve it!

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And keep your horse healthy, happy and motivated.

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