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Uhip is passionate about those who face daily weather challenges and live an active life with horses or/and dogs. Our guiding principle is to create clothes made of functional materials with smart features and with stylish design so that you can do what you love with style.


We at Uhip see it as a matter, of course, to work environmentally friendly and with respect for nature's resources. Consciously, we choose materials and manufacturing processes that have as little impact on nature as possible. We design functional clothing according to our customer's needs responsibly; for example, our chosen insulation in the clothes consists of partly renewable plant fibres.

We keep up to date and search for materials and suppliers that live up to high demands, not least because we know that our garments are used daily and that we want them to cope with your everyday life over several seasons.

Uhip stories

Behind the scenes with Ulrika and Elin

Ulrika Falkman founded Uhip in 2011 and is the company's CEO. Product developer Elin Westergård is Ulrika's team mate behind every new product that Uhip launches. The interaction between them is based on developing new functional and durable clothes for the environmentally conscious customer who wants to avoid the cold, rain and damp.

The Uhip (horse riding) skirt

For almost a decade we have found inspiration in everyday life where we have taken new fresh ideas to design clothes that will meet the rider's needs, says Ulrika Falkman, CEO and founder of Uhip. Uhip's real classic is the cover skirt, and it was with the skirt all started. We are therefore particularly proud of the skirt – the garment our customers quickly renamed and now called a riding skirt or Uhip skirt in the vernacular.

It all started in 2011 when Ulrika founded Uhip. Driven to make difficult things simple, Ulrika's brain works much like a popcorn machine: a bundle of energy with ideas constantly popping out.