Uhip's collection - our families

All our garments have smart functions and the right materials for outdoor activities

We at Uhip see it as a matter of course to work environmentally friendly and with respect for nature's resources. Consciously, we choose materials and manufacturing processes that have as little impact on nature as possible. We design functional clothing according to our customers' needs in a responsible manner, for example, our chosen insulation in the clothes consists of partly renewable plant fibers.

We keep up to date and search for materials and suppliers that live up to high demands, not least because we know that our garments are used daily and that we want them to cope with your everyday life over several seasons


Light and soft - Designed to wear 365 days a year

Available in women's, men's, and junior sizes

365 Hybrid

Versatile and flexible garments for all activities

Available as jackets and vests for women and men.


Eco-friendly and super soft everyday tees and beanies

Available in unisex sizes

Classic Diamond

A timeless quilted classic with a modern touch

Dressed Bomber

For those who prefer a cool and sporty style.


Warm and stylish coats and jackets that fit perfect for winter rides


Designed to perform in an Icelandic climate

Ice is available for all the family members.


Maximum warmth and eco friendly.

Available in jacket, coat and coat extended.


The ultimate mix of comfort and function


Elegance and exceptional warmth

Regular sport

Light weight garments for protection against wind and rain

Technical tops

Thin tops made of quick-drying functional material.


Fashion meets outdoor - wind coats in classy style

Shell garments made to match Wool Hybrid Liners

Ultimate Training

Thin garments in quick-drying cooling material perfect for training and high intense activities.

Urban stretch

Warm rainwear in a stretchy material and minimalistic design


Waterproof garments for days when the rain is pouring down

Wool Blend Midlayer

Cosy jumpers made with our finest wool blend.

Wool hybrid liners

Stretchy midlayers with a warming wool padding

*Made to match Trench, Regular Sport and Urban Stretch*

Available in a long coat, mid-coat and jacket.

Kids & Junior

Timeless outdoor wear for younger and older kids

Available in a long jacket, jacket and skirt.


Durable pants in different models to wear in your everyday active life.


Multiple models of tights with various functionalities.

Wool Blend Breeches

 Riding breeches with a durable outer fabric and a soft, thin wool interior.