Trench family

Fashion meets outdoor in a family for rain and wind.

Our Trench family consists of functional shell garments; coats, jackets and a skirt designed in a classic yet sporty trench style.

They are manufactured with a durable but lightweight polyester fabric with mechanical stretch and has a fabric construction with a film on the backside providing protection against rain.



The Trench family is constructed with a light but solid fabric that has a film on the back side providing wp 7000 mm. The buttons has a rubber surface and the seams are sealed. Zippers from YKK with waterproof tape.


Features and properties


"I bought this so I had a good raincoat mostly for walking to work rather than for riding (although it obviously has that advantage). I live in North Queensland, Australia so I was worried that it would be too hot especially for our raining summers. I have thankful been surprised by how cool it is and unless we are getting varied sun and rain and do not feel hot in it at all."



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