Smart features are our lifeblood

All of our outerwear is characterized by smart and practical features to make your ride more comfortable. Carefully selected materials and thoroughly tested functions keep you warm and stylish in the saddle, all day long.


We have selected materials that live up to our customers’ expectations of warmth, comfort and ventilation during activity. The insulation in our clothing consists of synthetic cotton that has good breathability, warms even when damp or wet, and dries in no time.

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Freedom of movement

Your activity shouldn’t be restricted by the clothes you wear. Our jackets are designed to give you good mobility in all situations. At the same time, cuts and silhouettes are sleek and feminine – we don’t compromise on design or style.

Smart cuffs

Most of our tops have fold-over cuffs that serve as hand-warmers. There are openings for your thumb and little finger to give you free hands when you need them. The model is specially constructed for activities and sports where thin gloves are preferred, for example for riding, cycling and golf. With these tops, you can perform without frozen fingers!







The hood

All of our coats have hoods that are big enough to pull over your helmet in bad weather. If you prefer a simple collar, it’s easy to remove the hood since it’s attached with push buttons.


Two-way zippers, high vent and elastic bands

Two-way zippers at the front, high vent at the back with either buttons or zipper and the elastic leg straps that are attached on the inside of Uhip's long and shorter riding coats and thermal skirts are an unbeatable combination for those who live an active life.

Two-way zipper

All of our jackets and coats have two-way zippers in the front. That way you can adjust your mobility as needed, e.g. by opening the zipper from the bottom when you are riding a horse or bike.


Uhip's coats have a high vent with push buttons in the back. This allows you to easily customize the coat depending on how much freedom of movement you need. The bottom inside has elastic bands that hold the sides of the coat in place along your legs. When you are sitting in the saddle, you can open the vent completely so that the coat hangs along the horse’s back, while the leg bands keep the sides of the coat in place so that your thighs don’t get cold.