Uhip Reuse

Uhip Reuse is part of Uhip's efforts to create a more sustainable consumption where clothes that have been left or changed by our customers or have a minor defect from the factory can be resold and given new life by someone else.

Uhip's functional clothing is made of materials selected to withstand harsh environments where it can be wet and dirty and where you can't be limited in the mobility of a clumsy or heavy garment. Therefore, our clothes can be upgraded and repaired, and parts can be replaced, and the clothes can find a new home with someone else.

At this time, we can't deliver reuse garments outside of Sweden. 


We extend the life of the product

Reusing products is more resource efficient than recycling because most materials lose value every time they are recycled. The best way to reduce harmful environmental impact is therefore to extend the life of the product. In this way, we as a company and you as a customer contribute to a circular economy where resources are managed in a more responsible way and less waste is created.