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Show jumping

Sweden-24px.png  André Brandt

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facebook-primary-color.svg Andre Brandt


Sweden-24px.png  Lotta Björe

Lotta Björe has competed at elite level, is an equestrian commentator, A-coach in jumping and a teacher at Strömsholm.

Sweden-24px.png  Peter och Caroline Lundström

Peter is Sweden's most renowned track builder and one of the few Swedes allowed to build at international major competitions. Peter and Caroline are the owners of Rekasta - an attractive, modern competition and training venue for people interested in equestrian sports, from all over the country. The lovely rural setting hosts competitions, training and courses for riders of all levels.

Find out more about Rekasta


Sweden-24px.png  Jennifer Bratt

instagram-primary-color.svg  jennifer.bratt

facebook-primary-color.svg Jennifer Bratt

Sweden-24px.png  Filippa Lagergren

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Sweden-24px.png  Angelo Enestubbe

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Sweden-24px.png  Sara Algotsson Ostholt

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Sweden-24px.png  Maya Andersson Gouveia

instagram-primary-color.svg   mayaandeersson

Sweden-24px.png  Tilde Borg Zeidlitz

instagram-primary-color.svg   teamborgg


Sweden-24px.png  Natalie Oldfors

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Sweden-24px.png  Emelie  Brolin

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facebook-primary-color.svg Emelie Brolin

Sweden-24px.png  Nina Hofmann Küppers

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facebook-primary-color.svg Nina Hofmann Küppers

Sweden-24px.png  Christina Berg-Overgaard

instagram-primary-color.svg  bergovergaard

facebook-primary-color.svg Christina Berg-Overgaard

Endurance riding

Sweden-24px.png  Caroline Franzén

instagram-primary-color.svg   caroline.franzen.12

Sweden-24px.png  Emma Jansson

Natural Horsemanship

Icelandic Horse

Sweden-24px.png  Amelie Segerström

Photo: photohestur

instagram-primary-color.svg  ameliesegerstrom

facebook-primary-color.svg Amelie Segerström


Sweden-24px.png  Caspar Logan Hegardt

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facebook-primary-color.svg Caspar Logan Hegardt

Combined driving

Sweden-24px.png  Ponnyexpressen

instagram-primary-color.svg  ponnyexpress.se

youtube-primary-color.svg  Ponnyexpressen