Ulrika Falkman

Founder and CEO

She is the "U" in Uhip and an entrepreneur through and through.  It all started in 2011 when Ulrika founded Uhip. Driven to make difficult things simple, Ulrika's brain works much like a popcorn machine: a bundle of energy with ideas constantly popping out.  During her previous career in the financial sector she held top roles within marketing and project management.

Ulrika spends her leisure time with her family which includes her labrador Nixon, and her pony Ryan.

Anna Ellmarker

Sales and business development

After Ulrika, Anna has been at Uhip the longest. Anna is a "doer" who sees opportunities everywhere and is convinced that every obstacle is there to be overcome. She is enthusiastic about what her customers think, and takes a keen interest in how everything is going out in the field. Anna is a star at keeping in touch with retailers and partners and a master of thinking outside the box. She is the only one in the team who does not work out of Täby, but out of Gothenburg.

Elin Westergård

Design & Product Manager

Elin is patient and meticulous and, when it comes to our garments, she's passionate about finding the perfect balance between form and function. Elin works with us from the initial brainstorming phase through to the final product, making the smart solutions in our functional clothing a reality. She has a solid background in the textile industry and many years of experience in product development.

Elin was a keen amateur rider in the past but now spends her free time training dogs. She loves nature and lives in a house in the woods with her son and dog.

Martina Rosendahl

E-commerce specialist

Martina is structured, detail-oriented and follows the latest in e-commerce to ensure that you, our visitor, have a great experience when you visit Uhip's websites. She has worked in web and communications for several years, where she has developed extensive experience in process development. This knowledge comes in very handy at Uhip.

Martina loves dogs, and she trains and competes as often as possible – preferably in agility. Her love of horses began at a very young age and continued to be a large part of her life until she became completely devoted to dogs.

Sara Sjöstedt


Sara works with order management and logistics and ensures that all our beautiful garments arrive at the warehouse in Skåne. Sara handles a lot of the work both before and during trade fairs. She probably enjoys this part of her job the most - when she get to prepare and make the final adjustments to our booth, so that everything is presented in the very best condition.

Sara has a keen interest in horses and has worked with the show jumper Maria Gretzer for several years. Her favourite ways to spend her free time are riding her horse Beauty Single and hanging out with her lively dog Sigge.

Linda Kolmodin

Customer experience

Linda works in the customer support team of which she is an invaluable member. She answers all our customers' questions and solves most of the their problems. She knows everything there is to know and is also efficient and service-minded. Linda has worked as a coordinator in several industries, which definitely benefits her work at Uhip.

Linda comes from a family of horse enthusiasts and grew up with dogs as well as horses.  She used to compete in show jumping, but now hangs out in the stables and helps her daughter with their show jumping horse, Harvey. In her spare time she likes to be in nature, walking with her two dogs.

Lotta Malmborg

Customer experience

Nice and caring, two great qualities that Lotta possesses. We can all agree that she is always willing to go the extra mile for anyone who contacts our customer support department. Lotta was born into the horse world and the Stockholm Riding School at Ryttarstadion, which the family has owned and operated for many years. In her professional life, she has continued in the field of equestrian sports and has previously worked with sport racing events, marketing and as a web editor.

Lotta has previously competed in both dressage and show jumping and she has also ridden a couple of flat races. Weekends are best spent with the family in the stables with the dressage pony Yalle, or on walks in the woods with their dog Selma.

Therese Johansson

Influencer Marketing Manager

Josefin Åkerström

Head of e-commerce

Johanna Holmberg

Marketing Coordinator &  Creator

Ebba Åkerlund

Social Media Manager

Tilda Fernqvist

Product & Quality Technician


The little black fluffy Kahn is a positive Kleinspitz who does anything to play with a ball. The staff's little teddy bear.

(Owner is Martina)


Leffe is a Bracco Italiano who grew up on Uhip. He is social, curious about everything that happens and he is as big as he is kind.

(Owner is Elin)


Selma is a dachshund and poodle mix. She may be small, but she is tough as nails: she's the one who bosses around the other dogs in the office. She is a real lapdog; she enjoys lounging on the sofa with us during our lovely coffee breaks.

(Owner: Lotta)


Nixton, a black hunting Labrador, enjoys playing with his canine coworkers in the office. Friendly and active, this dog loves to go for a dip during summer lunchtime walks.

(Owner: Ulrika)


Sigge is a large street dog from Romania. With lots of energy, he loves to whizz around at top speed during his lunchtime walks. At the office, he's a real troublemaker who enjoys making mischief.

(Owner: Sara)


The whirlwind that is Jippi is probably the happiest dog in the office. He's a Kelpie and just loves agility training. Jippi, Uhip's youngest dog, likes to jump into people's laps to steal kisses.

(Owner: Martina)