Ulrika Falkman

Founder and CEO

In the winter of 2010, Ulrika stood in front of the mirror and disturbed herself that the zippers on her new riding skirt sat on the sides. She decided to do something, made her own skirt that is now a bestseller – and then founded Uhip. Ulrika is an entrepreneur at the fingertips with a drive to simplify and improve. The bigger the challenge, the more creative Ulrika is. Privately, she is a hobby rider and dog owner. She is also the U in Uhip.

Favorite garment

Merino Base Layer, it's a universal garment that you can wear when you play sports, like a top private and under a blazer at work. It's classic, simple and stylish at all times.

Elin Westergård

Design and production

Elin is patient and thorough and is in constant contact with our suppliers. She is passionate about finding the perfect result between the shape and function of an article of clothing. Between the initial brainstorming and the finished critically reviewed Uhip product, Elin stands and ensures that the smart solutions in our functional clothes become a reality. Elin loves nature and lives in a house in the forest together with her son and dog.

Favorite garment

The Regular Sport jacket and 3-in-1 coat. The three-in-one is a beloved garment and Regular Sport always keeps up because it is so easy to pack.

Anna Ellmarker

Sales and business development

Anna is, after Ulrika, the longest-serving person at Uhip. Anna is a "doer" who sees opportunities everywhere and who is convinced that every obstacle can be crossed. She is keen on what Uhip's customers think and captures with great interest everything she can in the field. Anna is a star at keeping in touch with retailers and partners and a master at thinking outside the box. Is the only one of us who does not sit in Täby but instead has its base in Gothenburg.

Favorite garment

I always wear the Nordic coat in winter and the trench jacket always summer. I can't be without any of them.

Linda Janke

Marketing and sales

Linda has a great private commitment to Icelandic horses and sits among other things in the Swedish Championship group. She is Uhip's latest new acquisition and has both a head full of ideas and a heart that beats to create well-being. She likes color and shape, clothes and fashion as well as animals and people. Linda has long been in love with Uhip's products and has a solid background in marketing. It is therefore obvious that it is Linda who sets the strategy for campaigns and ensures that our social media channels are filled with fresh content every day.

Favorite garment

I just love the Iontex hybrid, it always warms nicely when it's chilly. And the trench I'm wearing every day.

Alice Mattsson

Content and marketing

Alice is our content provider. She has a hand in most things that concern the market and web areas when it comes to photos, ads and design. Alice does image management, shoots herself and is Linda's right-hand man when it comes to following our marketing plans, posting content on social media and posting stories on Uhip's websites. Alice grew up with horses and rides every week.

Favorite garment

The Regular Sport jacket is the ultimate outdoor jacket for all weathers and I like to combine it with the skirt. I also like the long-sleeved tech top, which is really nice to ride in.

Martina Rosendahl

Web and IT

Martina is a true dog person and trains and competes with her two quadruplets as often as she can, preferably in agility. Her interest in horses has been around since childhood and was a big part of her life before the dogs took over. In the Uhip gang, Martina is the one who has an eye on everything related to the web and IT. Martina is structured, has an eye on details and follows the latest in e-commerce to ensure that you as a visitor get a good experience when you browse Uhip's websites.

Favorite garment

The hybrid jacket, it's amazing. I have it almost every day, all year round. It is perfect as an extra warming layer during autumn and winter and as a jacket the rest of the year.

Linda Kolmodin

Customer support

Lotta Malmborg

Customer support

Sara Sjöstedt




The little black fluffy Kahn is a positive Kleinspitz who does anything to play with a ball. The staff's little teddy bear.

(Owner is Martina)



Leffe is a Bracco Italiano who grew up on Uhip. He is social, curious about everything that happens and he is as big as he is kind.

(Owner is Elin)