All our trousers have one thing in common - they're made with a "seat" just like jodhpurs, so you can ride in them - there's no unnecessary seam that rubs in the saddle.  All trousers are also quite high-waisted, for the perfect fit. In addition, the material on all our trousers is DWR-treated for protection against moisture and dirt.


Functional pants

Functional Pants and Light Functional Pants

Our functional trousers are practical and stretchy leisure trousers for all occasions. They feature a straight fit design that is perfect for both men and women alike.

Functional Trousers are available in two different versions, one with a slightly heavier fabric and brushed inside for autumn / winter and a "light model" that has a slightly thinner fabric suitable for warmer temperatures. Apart from those features, the trousers have the same properties and functions.

Our customers say that the problem with Uhip's functional trousers is that you actually need to take them off sometimes!



Functional Pant Green Funktion.jpg

Stella Pants

Light Stella Pant and Wool Blend Stella Pant

The Stella trousers are the latest addition to our trouser range. They come in two designs with differing materials. The Light design has a thinner fabric which is suitable for warmer days and the Wool blend design has a warmer and more weather resistant fabric.


Differences compared to Functional pants:

- Adjustable waist
- Fit
- Leg pockets on the sides instead of the front
- Larger leg pockets
- Open pockets on top of the zipped pockets
- No back pockets
- D-ring at the waist
- "Gear loop" in the pocket


Difference in material compared to Functional Pants:

In terms of material, Light Stella Trousers and Light Functional Trousers are very similar. The winter version of the Stella trousers is made of a warmer and more weather-resistant material than the winter version of the Functional Trousers. The outer fabric is thicker, more water resistant and the inside is lined with brushed wool, which makes them warm and comfortable.





Stable Zip Pants

Our Zip Trousers are coveralls for cold, windy and wet days. They fit women as well as men. The trousers have full-length zips on the sides to make it easy to put them on and take them off. Practical hand pockets and leg pockets with zips.

The inside is brushed, which makes them warm and comfortable to wear even without other trousers underneath. The material is stretchy and rugged softshell fabric with good protection against precipitation (WP 8000 mm), as well as breathability for best comfort.