High quality zippers from YKK

Since our garments have zippers as a central functionality, we choose zippers from the leading manufacturer on the market, YKK.  YKK has extensive experience in manufacturing zippers and conducts rigorous testing before a zipper is put into production. YKK is used by most leading and renowned outdoor manufacturers.

Functional two-way zippers

For those garments that require two-way zippers in their function, it is not only the quality of the zipper that affects the durability but also how they are used, i.e. how to put the zipper together and pull it up affects the life of the zipper. Information is a challenge, but we will be better at conveying YKK's instructions. 


We are keen that you, as a customer, should experience a high quality of our garments and have just in terms of the failure of a zipper a warranty period of 12 months. After 12 months, we are also helpful with a solution, which is adapted on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is that no one should feel dissatisfied, who owns a jacket, coat, or skirt from Uhip!