Equestrian clothing for women

Discover our fantastic range of women's horse riding clothes at Uhip. Here you will find high quality and functional horse riding clothes to suit your needs and enhance your riding experience. Whether you are looking for a functional riding jacket, riding tights, or stylish and practical jumpers and vests, you can trust that our products are created with a focus on both style and functionality. Equestrian clothing from Uhip combines modern trends with timeless design to allow you to express your personal style. We offer a wide range of women's horse riding clothes in different styles and colours. 

Carefully selected materials
To ensure you perform at your best, our riding clothes are made from carefully selected materials of the highest quality. Each garment is designed to give you optimal freedom of movement while protecting you from different weather conditions. To make sure you stay dry and comfortable, we offer riding clothes with waterproof and windproof characteristics.

Comfort and safety
We know that comfort is essential for successful riding, so many of Uhip's horse riding clothes are made from stretchy and breathable materials for optimal freedom of movement and comfort while riding. Many of our garments are equipped with reflective details for increased visibility and safety while riding. We understand the importance of feeling safe and being seen clearly both in the stable and on the road.

Style and functionality
We strive to offer the highest quality products that are designed to meet your needs as a rider. At Uhip you will find horse riding clothes that combine style, comfort and functionality for an optimal riding experience. Discover our range of women's horse riding clothes, order today and experience the difference for yourself.